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... and the winner is

Hehe ... thanks for everyone who took an interest in this little draw ...! I will need to think up an über-prize for 25,000 or something ... but lets get the week over with first.

So, the story here would be: Early morning poster gets the box set. We had a BBQ at the studio all day / night on Sunday and despite trying hard not to look at my counter until Monday, I actually popped by AnD.com around 1AM-2AM this morning. The count by that point had just tipped 20,000  ... and there was one person sitting proudly in the top comment slot of the guest book.


I've sent a message to the winner already BUT as a bonus to everyone visiting this page I'll put up a handful more tracks from the album plus an exclusive remix done for "Rendition" by UK producer Elite Force, on the AnD media player, very very soon.

Today is a good day :)

p.s: the track in the background of the movie clip is called "Burn" from the 2007 album by Ade Fenton, "Artificial Perfect" .... that guy co-produced the last Gary Numan album "Jagged" ... check them both out. I mean, he worked for Gary Numan, how cool is that. Digital sales for Ade Fenton at Beatport.com

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thanks for showing an interest :) I'll drop you a note when the tracks are up
almost 16 years ago
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cool ... but I still need your mailing address gal!
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