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[disuye082] Accuracy International EP out now

Finally ... after the mastering delay then our label rep getting drunk & lost without pants at the Sonar Festival, the wheels of industry finally kicked back into life about 5 minutes ago. So without further ado, I have yet another record released:


: disuye082

r: Dan F - "Accuracy International EP"

1: Arctic Warfare Super Magnum (breaks)

2: Do The Decent Thing (tech-house, despite being listed as techno)

Knock yourselves at the link below:


Thanks to everyone who supported the previous release, the Elite Force remix proved extremely popular, we're just starting to get reactions back from epople who've been playing it out so well happy with the result.

Also, for the iTunes junkies ... 800x800 pixel artwork for this the "Accuracy International EP" can be downloaded from http://www.disuye.com ... double click on the thumbnail of the corresponding blog post and a full size PNG file will open.

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Djbam f8 djbam
btw, forgot to mention that i played Artic Warfare Super Magnum at a gig last week. it was early in the night and not too many people were there, but it sounded great. mixed easily with some minimal tech and proggy breaks. thanks again for the tune!
almost 16 years ago
Photo 83304
Very cool shot (no pun intended)!!!! Congrat on the new release!
almost 16 years ago


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