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My stopmotion project

Before I moved from prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Wuhan to Shenzhen, I was working in a stop motion project. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

   I watched some amazing shorts made with this technique and I fell in love with this kind of animation. I was so excited with the idea of making a film like this, that I created a story, drew the story board and I started making the sets immediately.  

    I thought that later it would be easy to find somebody in that city that would like to join me in this project. But I was wrong.

    In Wuhan there isn’t a community of artists or people that really love animation or filmmaking, so I couldn’t find anybody to help me.

  Because stop motion require long time and a lot of patient, I knew that I couldn’t finish all by myself, so I decided to pack all set and materials in boxes and postpone this project for the future when I would move to another city and I could find people that like this kind of animation.


Anyway here are some pictures of the set and the puppet I was sculpting   













These were suppose to be the metallic armature of the puppets


 It looks scary! I sculpted the head and hands with Super sculpy. Then I was suppose to bake them and when they would be hard as stones make a mold with a special kind of  white hard silicon. When that would be ready I would use the mold to fill it with a soft skin color silicone that looks just like human skin. The problem was that when I put the parts in the oven I forgot to turn off the grill and I burned all the pieces. It was horrible. I will try again next time.







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wow, freaking amazing! gotta spotlight this one! ;-)
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how many people and how much time do you need to finish this? I hope we can help find you some help here in hk!
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Desmondso 67 desmondso
This reminds me of the "Miniature Killer" storyline from CSI. Your stuff looks awesome!
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Photo 214991
The details and finish look amazing! Hope you get an opportunity to finish this project soon?
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Photo 49112
WOW! great work!! O_O
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Prodipleung 6a prodipleung
good to see this !
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Yungyungyu 9f image
oh that is the coolestttttt
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
looks pretty sweet!
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Photo 40430
looks amazing
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Daniel 11351122 1002247139807084 6401198179888758823 n
That's awesome! I've always wanted to do it too but I wasn't sure if I had the patience or the know. The photography is easy but making the sets and making the figures moves and come to life properly is the hard part!
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Redgate profile
Wow, very lifelike...
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Photo 376974
Great work! Looks fantasic! :-))
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Your miniatures are amazing, Beautiful work! Being also Stop Motion lovers, we've been working on our animated short for a while. We wish you the best to finish your film in a near future!
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Photo 525951
That is so COOL!!! +D I love it! wow:) I see you write on your hands too hahahaha. Your very talented! please keep us posted, I cant wait to see it all put together. Such work would be a labor of love;) God Bless u! =)
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Photo 525951
It reminds me of a doll house ;) it looks warm and cozy too :)
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Photo 525951
What made you want to have the walls show where pictures were? thats neat, It reminds me of after my grandfather died, my grandmother moved to a smaller house, and the walls had shapes of all sized where the pictures used to be...
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Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
Wow, simply crazy and amazing. Can't wait to see it finished.
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Photo 61114
These are AMAZING! Love the level of detail and the texture of the materials you chose! I've been wanting to film something with miniature effects + CG enhancements for a long time now. I would love to talk to you about this! Do you come to Hong Kong often?
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Photo 36943
Looks amazing.
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Photo 277167
I just gotta tell you your set looks absolutely amazing!! Keep going with this project because anybody that has seen what you done so far has gotta bellieve in it...I do even not having seen your story board!! besta luck: you got something special there I think!!
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Photo 277167
Hey...and don't let the setbacks get you down either!!! I'm sorry you burned the head things, but things like these gonna happen. IT's being able to pick yourself up after each setback will see the project through, not whether you have any or not: you will!! course a little care can sometimes minimize them...turn the grill off next time for ****s sake!! GOod luck, I hope you will continue to keep us updated through this blog as and when the project progresses.
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Photo 574421
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Photo 452259
nice work
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Photo 16258
Wow that is some amazing stuff. I absolutely love the every tiny detail. So much creativity and thought into it.
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Photo 556641
Wowzer!!!! Love what you are doing here! It looks great already. So amazing! I love stop-motion animation movies, I often found the behind-the-scene/the-making-of is equally (if not more) fascinating than the movie.
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Sonyafu 29 and avatar sonyafu
There are really beautiful!
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Photo 205698
Claudia I am directing a stop motion commercial please contact me at johnwong692003@gmail.com this is a pay gig. We are shooting in Shanghai. Please contact me asap!!!! Regards, John Wong
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