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VHS Memories

Last time I was in France, I found a box full of old VHS I thought I got rid off years ago. There was a time I thought they were useless but seeing them again brought back memories of the video stores where I spent my childhood discovering hundreds of movies I'm still found of today. I definitely couldn't throw them away this time so I decided to recycle these VHS for a series that would pay tribute to all those great characters I have known through them. I'm actually working on the sixth and seventh ones and making contact with gall...Read more

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A tour of our Art Café....

As we told you last time, we've opened PINJI, a small Coffee shop that also hosts an Art Gallery where we can exhibit our works and some of our friends' from Europe and China. There, we hope to be able to organize a lot of small exhibitions for emerging artists with unusual style in the future, as we know it's not always easy to find a place to start. Here are a few pictures for you to discover the place. If you are in ZhengZhou, don't hesitate to drop by, and don't forget to tell us you're a member of Alive...Read more

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Enter The Dragon !

It seems like ages since we last posted on this site. It's good to be back.We've been very busy opening our little ArtCafe in ZhengZhou, hoping to make it a place where people can relax and enjoy good coffee and home made cakes as they discover the works of young contemporary artists from Europe and China with fun and unusual style. Things seem to be starting pretty well so it's quite encouraging and we have lots of plans for the future. We'll post pictures of our place very soon....We also continued our creations, one of ...Read more

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Art Café in Zheng Zhou, Henan

"Bernini Cafe" has just opened a few days ago and if you live near Zheng Zhou and like contemporary art, it's definetely worth checking out. We both had a very pleasent and relaxing afternoon, drinking excellent coffee, chatting with the owner (who also has an art gallery in ZhengZhou), and enjoying the works of very talented artists that are exposed there. This kind of places being quite rare here in Henan, it's been a great discovery. Hope to meet you there one day.

The cafe also proposes a lot of int...Read more

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"Kung-Fu" Madness!

Hi everyone!

Here are our first five "Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting" paintings (50x60cm) completed and ready for the show. We'll keep you informed on future exhibitions, hoping that they won't be cancelled like the previous one as we're really looking forward to meet you there in person. All of you have a nice week!

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-EXHIBITION DELAYED- September Exhibition Date

Hi Everyone,

For those who will be in Henan in September, our exhibition will take place on September 9th 2011 at the Henan Museum in Zheng Zhou. Artists friends that will join us are Michel Soubeyrand (France) and his sculptures customized by Chinese artists, digital painter Yvan Benoît (Switzerland) and painter/photograph William Let who will come especially from France for the opening. Hope to see you there and chat with you if you have time.

Later this year, we and our friends will travel to ...Read more

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Third "Kung Fu" Preview and exhibition in september

Hi there,

We haven't been around for a while as we're extremely busy preparing our upcoming exhibition at ZhengZhou's Henan Art Center. Opening will be in September but we still don't have the exact date. We'll keep you in touch as soon as we know.

Things should be pretty fun as some of our French and Swiss artists friends we'll also join us for the occasion and present their work. We also hope to be able to have collaborative artworks between them and tradi...Read more

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Second "Kung-Fu" Painting Preview

Hi there,

Here comes a preview of our new "Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting 2" painting.

This summer, our "Kung-Fu" series, as well as other paintings, might be part of  what should be a pretty exciting collective project . Can't tell you more for the moment, but we'll keep you informed as soon as we have more news.

All of you have a nice week-end!

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New crazy advertising poster!

Hi everyone!

Here comes a new addition to our series of "revisited" old chinese advertising posters.

Hope you'll like it!

The inspiration for this one:

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