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Support 'HONG KONG kaleidoscope'!

Together with my fellow Instagramers at HK InstaYay, we are running a fundraising campaign in order to show ' HONG KONG kaleidoscope' Exhibition at the upcoming Very Hong Kong Festival in December.

' Read more

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Soul Cleansing

Let's start the New Year with the Soul Cleansing group art exhibition at Sin Sin Fine Art in Hong Kong until end of February 2013. If you are in town, please drop by! photo 201301-SoulCleansing-InvitationCard-Web.jpgSoul Cleansing - Sin ...<a href=Read more

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First firing in 2011: A New Work in Progress

I am so excited to have my kiln up and running again!

Starting a new project with porcelain which is very challenging. It is a commissioned work for a residential mansion so I can't just create whatever pleases me. I have to also take into consideration my client's preferences, expectations and needs because she is the one who will look at the art work every day - not to mention that she is also the one who finances the work! Finding the right balance could be tricky, but I am hopeful :)

H...Read more

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Just My Type

This is my latest favorite book! I regretted when I finished reading it because I wanted to read more! It is full of little stories about all those fonts whose name and look are so familiar and yet I didn’t know much if at all about their designer or how they came about into being. It is like reading about your dear old friends – so familiar – that you are so fond of, and yet knew very little a...Read more

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‘Balance’ is my word for 2011. It might look like a simple word, but it is a loaded one – very tricky to achieve, and even more difficult to maintain. Because guess what? It is not a static condition in which once you achieve it, you then could passively keep it. No. It is fluid, always on the move. It is something that you have to keep on nurturing in everything you do. For myself, balance means to focus mo...Read more

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Universal Scrapbooks Project

This is part of my Dream Archives Project. In this project I take ‘dreams’ to include:

a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep *a strongly desired goal or purpose *hopes and aspirations *fantasies or daydreams *Introduction**

A scrapbook is a blank book or album in which various items (i.e. photos, newspaper clippings, pictures, momentoes, etc.) are collected and preserved. These days, it is often done artistically, incorporating ready-made decorative products...Read more

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Spread My Wings

I am a hermit who tends to stay home working on my own things. But even a hermit would like to get together with others sometimes! As an artist, I would love to meet with other creative souls in Hong Kong - perhaps even do some project together or something. I would like to spread my wings and fly around more in this city that has been my home for almost ten years now.

Right now, I am resuming an on-going project and I would like you to participate! You don't have to be artist, anyone is welcome to play along. So stay tuned :)Read more

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