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"Assassin‘s Creed: China" fan film and news

Hello Everybody,
I've been dead for while now... Since almost one year, i'm focusing more about my own stuff than doing stuff for (boring?) clients.I'm more concentrate to make stuff i love as a full time job now.Assassin's Creed: China was the first short fan film to open my objectifProduced by myself with a budget of.... 5000 RMBusing this amazing Camera Red Epic lent by a friend company in Beijing, for free with all gear (believe me... its freaking heavy!!!!!!!!).So happy to tried i...Read more

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now the holiday is done...

Time to get back to work soon... well next month. i will be busy on a Chinese tv Show as every year i do special effects for the same team.And since we dont do the second short movie for Cotton USA, i can focus on my own project!!! ( YEAH!!!!)Based on a famous video game, i need to put all things together and hope to make it right! It's my favorite video game and i really wanna to make it ^_^

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只祝我的AND的朋友新年快乐!!!!!!!!!!! 新年身体健康!发大财!

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My first Chinese short movie Part 2 (movie include!!)

here wo go! i uploaded the movie on youtube and tudou! as i said before it's my first Chinese short movie ever! and was shot in 12 hours and in 3 different locations... I can tell you that was a pretty good experience! ^^i was in Guangzhou last week for the premiere of the movie! with some Q&A time, that was also my first time to be on stage as the director ^^ big stress for sure![](/attachments/2013/02/04/00/49112_201302040031141.thumb.jpg)Read more

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My first Chinese short movie

I must say last year was a very very busy year: VFX for a chinese TV show, writing some personal project, and... my first chinese short movie. Indeed, i just finish my first chinese short movie for COTTON USA with a local actress named Zhang Xin Yi -  张歆艺We only had 12 hours to shoot the movie, with 2 main actors , 3 differents locations, 40 workers.The final length of the movie is 8 minutes 30 , which is pretty ok for a movie done in 12 hours.Cotton USA is doing an event in GuangZhou for the movie with the press,, interview (my ...Read more

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Finally online, my first MV as director, cameraman and editing for my friend Li-Tongcalled《再执着一点》in Chinese, if i'm not mistaken Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/j3s2MhNme84/

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my laptop is back!!!

yeah, it fixed now!! ( i dont know for how long...) so, i profit to do a small custom to my workstation.no need to tell that i love back to the future![](/attachments/2012/07/19/14/49112_201207191424401.thumb.jpg)Read more

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Hell yeah!! Alarm clock BTTF style!!!!

Hell yeah!! Alarm clock BTTF style!!!!
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ridiculous question about my last short video

Some peoples on internet have really stupid questions sometimes... seems they dont really think before to type... the first one was one of my friend on Weixin (chinese whatsapp) " Hey, i saw the video, it was great!! But i have question... the guys you killed they are all in pixels... is that a codec problem or my player have problem?"Ok, that question was cute indeed... the next one was superb!!!!! i got it 10 min ago!:that one deserve a screenshot![](/a...<a href=Read more

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me and apple.... (part 2)

i really have a problem with the apple product!!! i dont understand why!!! yesterday my macbook pro got another problem... the first the shift button still hold from the hardware... and of course , the screen still off....So today i went to the apple store, see that Genius Bar... i was, actually, surprise to see many people there to fix their laptop or phone...the guy say, maybe its a logic board problem, they can replace it for free.... I hope.....Lets see in five days!!! As i know my luck....-_-Read more

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Belgian independant filmmaker in China! Making some cool short films online! 比利時導演住中國拍攝酷的微電影。

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