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Blog: Saturday, May 30

Last night was our performance  for  my Hometown. I was honor to have alot  of my family and friends who came to support and got great feedback. The owner loved it and offered for me to go back whenever I want to perform any time and any day. I had people I did not know grab me to dance with them on stage. I did however had someone video tape it...Read more

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Well,  I am really excited bc well Friday is almost here hahaah and that only means once thing DANCING MY HEART OUT TO MY HOMETOWN!  My dancers and I have been working our butts off literally. I was so exhausted from yesterdays practice that I almost passout not bc of the dancing but bc here in south Texas w...Read more

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Yo...whatz up my friends, fans and of course lurkers  Just wanted to say I got the call to peform next Friday at my hometowns famous club/bar pretty cool which I must add that gets packed all the time but the thing thats pretty cool is I will see my friends, people I grew up and went to school with you know those u knew but never really talked to hahaha well anyways I got alot of supporters and much say its about time you perform at home. Yeah, I think it was about time too. So I will upload the video as s...Read more

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Blog: Thursday, May 7

Ok I had PROMISE  my gurl Ying ling that I would I would show her what my laptop, laptop bag and mouse look like. That I am forever on and that I have to have at all times with me well....lolz  or when I travel or just at home and rather be on instead of watch Tv unless is asian dramas that "I watch on my laptop" but I do most of work on here...anyways, these are my red items and you can see why....funny thing is my favorite color is purpl...Read more

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Well, I know I have been in M.I.A for awhie now but I have been extremely busy and things have been  At the moment I am doing a promotional model event for the weekend....I must say waking up at 4:30am to be at work on time and than me with insomnia it just isen't perfect for me . However, I am not allowed to take photos of the event I am glad to say I made alot of new friends here....Models, actors, actresses, dancers and more it really is nice to meet people w...Read more

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Blog: Wednesday, Apr 8

Ok...as everyone knows I am from a small down in South Texas.My town is a oilfield town and since the economy has gone so bad :(Today of all all days really hit me. - felt so sad today seeing a lot of people who I care about losing their jobs, getting their work hours cut, having disconnection notices because they can't pay their bills are literally spending and living by check by check. Today I was driving and passed by foodstamps and medicade insurance building being packed of people trying to get help and survive and trying to g...Read more

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Blog: Saturday, Mar 7


1 Aisha




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Blog: Sunday, Mar 1


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Having fun at practice

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnUMtP-HgEA OKay lately i have been so stress at work and had so much going on. I was becoming restless and had to make alot of choices for work. I usually a very professional when it comes to work n even down to my teaching. But, today i decided to have fun in my class today n just dance after a hardwork of actual teaching. We (my students and I ) decided to have fun ...Read more

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Blog: Friday, Jan 30

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oapm-FZ_tuw Ok *sigh well this video is to all my friends here on AnD always asking about my dancing and how long will I be back n such and well I have been dancing extremely hard and long hours no break in between these past few days. This video is my first n am new at it so please dont right anything bad about it. ANyways, its dark bc I was teaching two of many students of mine at a studens house outside and it ...Read more

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