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Well, I know I have been in M.I.A for awhie now but I have been extremely busy and things have been  At the moment I am doing a promotional model event for the weekend....I must say waking up at 4:30am to be at work on time and than me with insomnia it just isen't perfect for me . However, I am not allowed to take photos of the event I am glad to say I made alot of new friends here....Models, actors, actresses, dancers and more it really is nice to meet people with the same dreams, goals, and have alot in common with you. I know there will be some who are .....how can I say stuckup..  but, am very glad that every single one person I met is not. Besides doing this event I am working my butt off on some new choreography and preparing to perform at one of the most popular and hottest sports bar/club in my hometown and will gladly be sharing that with you guys soon....but in the mean time rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.....it will only make it perfect. I am teaching a few new people this dance to perform with me and so wil be at the studio long hours and of course still running, and hitting that gym.well...I know this isen't much of a blog but I am going to try to get some sleep which is impossibe at this time of mine which I am not use to but perhaps tonight will be different since I am extremey tired from working at 5am -5pm  with only one 20 min break. ...outside in this humity hot weather here in South Texas...believe me ekkkkkk.....I hate it. hahahah well thats all for now my friends so till we meet again.

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