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5th day and back home we go.

Day 5* Ok so like I said I had woken up at 4:30 am to be at the airport by 5:30am because my flight was at 7:10 am. But danggggg when I got to the airport omg so much ppl u could not even walk in. I was tired as it was. BUt, when I went to ck my luggage in they told me my flight was cancelled :( I was on the flight at 1:30pm. BUt ...Read more

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4th day in California

Ok so my 4th day in California I met up with my friend HOWIE! He is always there for me when I go to LA. I mean seriously as in taking me where I need to go and site seeing and hanging and just anything. He is a good friend and was happy I finally got to see him since I didnt get to since the day I arrive but once to take me to dance cla...Read more

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3rd day in CALIFORNIA

Day 3*  OK so I went to the dance studio to get some dance in my system hahah. I loved it.  Its one of the best dance studios I have been to  from far.  If I ever decide to move to California this will be the reason why. So much talented ppl are here and leave ur mouth drop open like seriously. You think ur the shit in dancing u have not seen nothing yet. Artists come here to get training done here too and pick up dancers he...Read more

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DAY 2*  So my 2nd day in California was cool I call it a relax day haha. I got read to go to dance practice and took my dance student to Santa Monica, California and chill and I had to go bc I ran out of my mac makeup haha so of course I need it. WE had went shopping and had her take alot of photos in her camera since she's never been to Califo...Read more

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LA trip


DAY 1*Soooo I just got back from LA, California. I left Thursday, July 23rd  and was suppose to be on the plane 12:30pm but my plane got cancelled :( SO they  had to put me on a 2:30pm flight talk about being in the airport for 3 hours but I guess it was not as bad as the way back but I will get to that later...Read more

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almost here

Ok so my trip to LA, California is almost here and I can't wait I am super excited. I miss dancing because I was away on vacation. I am preparing for my dance training and I wanted to get me some kool shoes for the studio and dancing my  heart and why not go out with style too. I went to the mall with my sister inlaw and saw these cool shoes that I was like they are so cool. Read more

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Well as of you all know or most of you know to be exact I have two trips coming up in July  Next week I will be going to Oklahoma for a week in a half and I am so excited. So, I might not be on line for awhile and if so not very long I will be too busy. But, the  trip I am most  looking forward to the end of July is LA, California  I love LA! I will be going for dance training and I am excited bc not only do I get to see my friends again and some new friends I will...Read more

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Ok well I had some bad news that had happen to me after my last performance. For my dance practice I use my stereo that is ment for the ipod. It's a really nice ipod stereo and pricey too. Well, since it is so hot here in South Texas and well so many things were going on I decided to have practice at my place late with one of my students practicing late outsi...Read more

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