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Blog: Wednesday, Apr 8

Ok...as everyone knows I am from a small down in South Texas.My town is a oilfield town and since the economy has gone so bad :(Today of all all days really hit me. - felt so sad today seeing a lot of people who I care about losing their jobs, getting their work hours cut, having disconnection notices because they can't pay their bills are literally spending and living by check by check. Today I was driving and passed by foodstamps and medicade insurance building being packed of people trying to get help and survive and trying to get qualified just hoping and praying not wanting to see a day where there is no food on the table. I feel so bad for these families. Being from a small town where practically everyone knows everyone and just seeing people whom are related to me, went to school with, grew up with however we know eachother it hurts. I however am dealing with some issues as well for starters utilities and such. I mean I for sure am one who don't want to lose my house. I decided to cool it for a while and just shut everything off and just keep on my house and live with family for awhile and cool it some. That way when the economy is getting better I still have a home to come too.Luckily I got a booking to choreograph for a client and still have some work coming in. Well I thought I share what I have been up to today and have witnessed.

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