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Blog: Thursday, May 7

Ok I had PROMISE  my gurl Ying ling that I would I would show her what my laptop, laptop bag and mouse look like. That I am forever on and that I have to have at all times with me well....lolz  or when I travel or just at home and rather be on instead of watch Tv unless is asian dramas that "I watch on my laptop" but I do most of work on here...anyways, these are my red items and you can see why....funny thing is my favorite color is purple but for some odd reason I buy things in red....I guess because it's so eyecatching. My old cell was red but when I upgraded to a  blackberry  they were out of red. Well, here it its Ying this is for you. The only thing is a webcam can't find a red webcam or haven't ran into one yet. I am still looking. I didn't order my laptop with one installed because I didnt want one at that time but now that I have family station in Japan I want one to talk to them. If anyone sees one let me know where I can purchase it.

my red laptop my mom bought me for Valentines day this year 2009. *Thanks mom! *

my laptop bag and yes it has to have red in it to  match.

my mini mouse. Oh on my mouse when its on like I have said it lights up red and the right click and left click has red glitter on it too. I love it!! Its so pretti! <----inside joke for those of you who know me well know what I am referring to lolz.

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MAMI! :) Nice laptop! I need a cam too...I have one, but I broke it :(
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