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@Noir_Requiem I am glad you are safe my daughter. Car can be bought again but there is only one you. Love you!

@Noir_Requiem Are you ok?

You know you are in trouble when even @BTS_twt can’t make you feel better...this sucks...why life is like this?

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@Jae_Day6 Couldn't agree more!

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@Noir_Requiem Glad to hear that! Saranghae!

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@Noir_Requiem Fighting! I will let you study now

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@Noir_Requiem Go take you a nap after you eat and if you need to review, review early in the morning

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@Noir_Requiem My heartu hurt for my daughter. big hugs hang in there my love!

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@Noir_Requiem Good luck and go with your first answers unless you are super sure that it isn't one. Don't change an… https://t.co/Tc53TXptQh

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@Noir_Requiem Don't stay up too late studying to too. Get at least 4-5 hours of sleep or more if possible. Eat brea… https://t.co/rnAePWCVGr

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I Am What I Am, Not What You Want To See, If I Wasn't As I Am Then, What Would I Be? "There are no coincidences in life. They are just God's way of rem


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September 9, 2008

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