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Blog: Friday, Jan 30

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oapm-FZ_tuw Ok *sigh well this video is to all my friends here on AnD always asking about my dancing and how long will I be back n such and well I have been dancing extremely hard and long hours no break in between these past few days. This video is my first n am new at it so please dont right anything bad about it. ANyways, its dark bc I was teaching two of many students of mine at a studens house outside and it was dark so this is the best I could do and had neighbors n ppl i didnt know watching. Anyways its not my best work since I am the teacher and danced it with these two students to give them the feel of the right counts, n beats to get that move on the right beat. So here it is and I am the one in the middle dancing. =) Enjoy!

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