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Blog: Saturday, Mar 7


1 Aisha





3 Babymai



4 denshousha


5 justkelly


6 vanness08


7 aglobalthreat


8 spoiled


9 Justice Vancho


10 nuziming


11 Divineflo


12 qwerticali

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omg, No I never kissed him and perhaps in the cheek if I met him in real life he's a great friend who is there to lisson to my problems or if some weirdo is on sb he is our protector.


Justice, was the first celeb I actually got to really talk to in sb. When I first saw him in sb I didnt even know who he was until ppl started to say. But, overall the best memory was the last time he was in sb he was cracking us up and helping us with this weirdo in sb..lolz He's a cool person to talk to.


spoiled aka ying.....my sweet little angel. Spoiled aka ying I like to say for us older ppl in sb like to call her our lil sister I always tell her she is just so cute. But because she is young but I see her growing into a beauitful girl. I find beauitful the word for an adult ....lolz shrugs

well, my first impression of nuz was she was just a kind, generous girl. I had a bad day that day and she went into  my profile and came back said I was so pretty till this day thats what she calls me although I dont think I am lolz but she made my day and I felt better and whatever I was stressing over bc of work she made me feel better.

I met babymai aka mai  here on AnD..she was one of the first  ppl I met in sb and I was overwhelmed with her. She made the sb interesting and exciting with her comments and gestures...I always looked forward to seeing her in sb and now we are bff here in AnD.


Nope, but shes a cool girl. Always, eager to see my dance videos and ask how my dancing is coming along.

I've seen her here on AnD only...but perhaps one day we can meet =)

I have never seen qwerticali but am thankful for him being my friend and he was one of the first ppl I added as a friend her in AnD and made me feel welcome =)

Sadly no but I hope one day we will meet. We have alot in common and I know we would have a great time.

 Lol, of course not. She is a girl !!!

Hmm..prolly never bc we live different parts of the world but I like to believe fate will lead us to meet eachother. I love meeting and making new friends

 No, but I wouldn't mind perhaps we will be seeing a movie where we both  are starring in ;)

Only on AnD, but would love to meet him in person perhaps in an AnD event when I go to LA =)

Of course not!  I have no intentions to lie to her.

 Emmm....well if i do or dont I will never tell ..lol

1st - Both are friends of mine. 2nd-Both are really wonderful  people

She’s very fun, friendly, gives u encouragment and can never be bored with when chatting with her

No, not in real life. But in sb we have dance battles all the time.

hmm..I've known him since I came to AnD like about 5 or 6 months ago

Nope, but she seems like she would make a awesome and exiting co-worker^^

hahaha..NOPE..but I know they will get along just perfect.

On AnD..on sb and got introduced to her through aisha

Never been near her.

Uhh..I have NO idea

They all are funny in their own way. Seriously, I can say mai makes me laugh the most bc I talk to her the most.

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