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April Garza
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Live and cherish every moment like it's your last

April Garza, has been dancing since she was 5 years old. She started to dance at the age of 5 with Manroe ballet school in Corpus Christi but found out she wanted more than ballet and later found her passion at just 7 years old in Folkorico Dance (spanish heritage dancing). Started to learn Folkorico dancing with a group Ballet Folkorico de Guadalupe from her home town Alice,Tx. Later, her dance career brought her to meet a little more advance group Ballet Folkorico de Estraes from a Beeville, Tx where her mother would drive a long drive to take her. With that group she learned at an early age of traveling, meeting people around the world who share the same passion as her and joined NDGF (National de grupos FOlkoricos) where they would have workshops and meet well known maestros(dance instructors) around the world to come and teach at these workshops. With that organization she traveled to Kansas City, Missouri., Veracruz, Arizona, New Mexico and many more. Later at just 15 yrs old she got picked up by a professional Maestro to join his Folkorico group "Ballet Folkorico Viva Mexico. She was one of the youngest members to be in the adult division and picked up very quickly. She traveled to variety places for performing and different locations: Chicago, Veracruz, Monterray, Nuevo Leon, Azteca, Rio Barvo, and many more. With Ballet Folkorico Viva Mexico, she learned different kinds of dance on the side salsa, rumba, cumbia different kinds of dance. At 17 she auditioned for a modeling agency and made it but relise her passion was more into dance and acting. In highschool she was part of Kingsville, Tx drill team where her dance took another turn and took a break from dance with all the traveling she wanted to enjoy her last year in highschool. During her break she started to see street dancing and started to teach herself on what she saw. At 2007, she was writing a script to try it out about dancing and met some cheer coaches who let her use their gym to come up with dances for her little project. Looking at her dance they lead her to have the courage to open up a dance group to teach. She took into consideration and was undecided but went ahead with the offer and had young teen kids join and thought this will be good to help get them off the streets and use their talent for better. April than traveled to L.A., California and took some classes with choreographer chopper who helped choreograph the movies :stomp the yard and You got served to advance her dancing skills and had blast learning new things. Later after teaching she got a call to be in a music video and met a outstanding artist Michelle Garcia. Help her choreographer for the video and being a booty bump girl in her video got offer to travel with her and become her backup dancer. In acting, she had gotten a call to be an extra for the television series "Friday Night Lights " for there pilot and wanted to see how the field works behind the cameras and loved it she went back for second season as an extra and now wants to push for acting as well. To expand her career she graduated from Aveda Institute with a degree of cosmetology, started a YouTube channel and loves creating art through not only through her dancing but through makeup ; stage makeup , every day makeup, evening makeup or fx.

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Live and cherish every moment like it's your last

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