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Yo...whatz up my friends, fans and of course lurkers  Just wanted to say I got the call to peform next Friday at my hometowns famous club/bar pretty cool which I must add that gets packed all the time but the thing thats pretty cool is I will see my friends, people I grew up and went to school with you know those u knew but never really talked to hahaha well anyways I got alot of supporters and much say its about time you perform at home. Yeah, I think it was about time too. So I will upload the video as soon as I can and of course I will also have a video of me and my crew getting prepared backstage and you get to see us getting pumped and us girls apply our makeup and our flawless eyelashes and beauitfiy ourselfs hahahaha. I am really excited the only thing of course is the audience how will they react I am sure it will be fine. I dont get nervous but I love the feeling before you get on that stage the lights shinning on you, camera's and flashes everywhere, the music pumping throught the speakers and noticed your heart is pumping with it and little by little you see yourself shake but not because of the  nervousness but because its getting pumped for the movements your about to show. That is the greatest feeling ever. I loved it since I was 5 yrs old and till now a adult it never changes and than seeing that you put smiles and mouths wide open to the audience shows you did your job.  I couln't ask for a better talent and I thank god for giving me this talent. So staY TUNE FOR THE VIDEOS XOXO PEACE ......aPRIL

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