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Well, here goes another year to enjoy and another year I hope to God will be good for me, I dont really know what my New Year Resolution will be except the most popular and obvious lose more weight. Which is always on top of the charts.  This year I hope to visit more places and try not to takes things for granted and of course not to take bull shit from anyone. Yes, I am sweet person and too trusting  and it never really does any good even when u have a heart made o...Read more

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my grandma

Two nights ago, I got a scary call from my mother stating that my grandma passed  out and had the albulance on their way to pick her up to take her to the hopital. I was so frighten and so many things were going through my mind, I had a dinner with her and my family earlier and she was perfectly fine. My grandma is everything to me we do everything together, she is like my other mom. My mom and I are more like sisters than anything. I am very spoiled from gran...Read more

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starting to get busy

I am so excited and decided to share with you all why. I just recieved my schedule. I will be really busy starting next week. I will be performing many gigs for the singer whom I choreograph and dance for. Also, I will be going back to L.A California to take some dance classes with choreographer Chopper who helped choreograph the movies Stomp the yard and You got served. This will be  my second time taking classes with him, he is an awesome teacher and dancer. I am back on my strict diet which ...Read more

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