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I think she is sick...

i read the Loan's blog about vision she got in HK, she almost sure she saw ryder....

She also put many picture for prove it but sorry... i dont see him....

Someone else can confirm?

Loan you should sleep a little bit.... -_-

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ahaha i'm in the magazine "YOHO"

Yesterday my workmate said to me "Why you didn't tell us that you are a model?"

i didn't understand what he talking about.... and he show me the last YOHO magazine.

In fact, i play as model for Loan for the new EVER'S pant last winter, but i didn't know that it will be publish ahahahahahaha!

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funny ads video for "alibaba"

my company have to make a new video for alibaba ads. but something more "chinese", mean more love, more warm, more "the life is so good"...something it's really not my style...

But the client send me a video they made before and i dont understand why they dont do something like that for the new one....

i love it!!!!! when chinese want do something good, they can do it very very well!!!!!!!

im fan of this video

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China Vs Germany!!! 1 - 1!

i just back home, we've being watching a football match, at shanghai stadium, between China and Germany (it was a friendly game).

China played very very very well, i was very surprise, they got the first point few minutes later!!

Of course Germany also play well but we wasnt there for support them :P

I think china will become better and better!!!!!


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Beijng. fun and shoot

hey everybody!!!

Beijing is a very nice city!!!

I had a lot of fun with my friends and i didnt sleep a lot as usual...

I supposed got some resolution like dont drink anymore etc...

But how???? Friday i was to cocobanana with Wudi, Patrick and Stephen.

after that, i went meet my others friend... to another club.... T-T (drink again)

At 3.00 AM, i decided to join again Wudi, Pat and Stephen to the KTV.... Cause Patrick had go back to HK Saturday... I didnt sing any songs... but i promise i w...Read more

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what a week end!!!!

i'm at beijing airport now, waiting for my flight.

Just for tell that this week end was very amazing!!!! thanks everyone : Wudi, Patrick, Stephen, young cee, louis and leyson!!!

i will post some pictures tomorrow :)

but here is one for show that i didnt just go in beijing for fun :)

(i know seems like an AnD's fanatic... i assume)

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i'm in the airport waiting for my flight!! DIRECTION----> BEIJING!!!!

stay there for the week end for meet my friends (wudi, etc) and also for an other thing... but i will talk about that after this week end... for me will be amazing week end!!!! i can feel it^_^

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hard week...

since last friday, i'm working on an opening for CTTV about expo 2010, and the client piss me off a lot!! they are very surprise when they ask me someting, and i always "no, impossible!" they dont get it, they give a short time 3 days for make everything. sound, effects, etc... typical problem...

this morning the client came see me, i thought they want change their (bad) idea again but no... they came for give me a gift:


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My first movie... never done T-T

i found these two pictures took 10 years ago...

our team called D.N.A team (dynamic novice actors), and our goal was do our first videos games, japanese animation or asias movies parody.

We never done... cause we was all student in this time, and also many problem came like you wait 4 hours and nobody came etc.

So we give up to make something like that but the story was funny ^_^

who knows maybe a day....

miss you guys!!!! ^^

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Dj becareful aka Sam Lee at velas club (shanghai)

We went to support Dj becarefulat Velas club last night, the first time i saw him play, it was at cliq club in HK but i was so tired and i didnt really enjoy and didnt stay longer...

But yesterday was different :D, with B-Kut, Joris and a friend, we got lot of fun, he mix many style very well, , lot ...Read more

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