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Beijng. fun and shoot

hey everybody!!!

Beijing is a very nice city!!!

I had a lot of fun with my friends and i didnt sleep a lot as usual...

I supposed got some resolution like dont drink anymore etc...

But how???? Friday i was to cocobanana with Wudi, Patrick and Stephen.

after that, i went meet my others friend... to another club.... T-T (drink again)

At 3.00 AM, i decided to join again Wudi, Pat and Stephen to the KTV.... Cause Patrick had go back to HK Saturday... I didnt sing any songs... but i promise i will, next time :P

but we finish so late (or so early?) 6.00 AM!!! ...

Anyway, sunday was a good day also!

I shooted the first part of the bu ke kang li (不可抗力)hip hop MV!!!!!!!

small introduction about BUKEKANGLI (BKKL) BKKL is a group of rappers from Shanghai. its a kind a family where inside have others group like Bamboo  or solo people like Young Cee. Anyway, i will let Young Cee explain you well :)

Yes, so, i shoot the first part of the MV in beijng, cause one for the rapper live and work in Beijing and it was a good reason to go there :D, i got a lot of fun to do this first part~~

Good weather but sky to... white :( but its ok :)!!!!!

So i'm not going to show some pictures from beijing, i think it the same thing for everybody so!

here some pics from the shoot !

here the rest of the pictures :)


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