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Well, i don't know how long i have been registered to this website but daaammmnnn its been a while !!

Things have change since then....

Wanted to give a shoutout to all the admins (maybe they have changed already) and also all the people i met during the first 2 years of AND !  BIG UP ....

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Yeah....again a New guest !

To keep inform....

Maybe, nobody cares, but everything is good to talk about...ahah !

So, yess i got a new cat again, i become "the man who speak to the cat's hear" !!

Anyway, I introduce you Mr. 黑宝 (HeiBao)....

I gave him this name in honour of the macot 海宝 (HaiBao) of the EXPO2010 !!  except he is not blue....he is black !!!

This cat is crazy, don't stop to jump everywhere, play with anything, bother everyone....

Whatever....you will appreciate the pi...Read more

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My New Guest.....A Kitten :)

After a while.... FinaIly i decided to update a little bit my AND...

Yesterday, i got my new guest at home a little Kitten, her name Sasha !!! I don't know why i gave her this name.  But sounds nice...

Little bit scared at first but now damn she doesn't stop to jump, run everywhere. And of course put her hairs, food everywhere !! Anyway, i got a lil life member with me....i'm good !

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Funny stuff...

AHAHA so funny, just being lazy i decided to turn on the TV, CCTV6 directly....

I was working on some stuff on my computer , and i fall on this movie  "龍虎英雄" or "Boxing Hero" , i guess everyone know it....

I couldn't stop to watch it...

Terrence, Marsha and Jimmy was young !!! but what a good movie...

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Souvenir Souvenir !!


I just found out these pics on my hard drive and told myself i've to share it with you !!

I don't believe how we can grow up so faaaasstt !!! dammnn....24y/o i know it's not "all" my life but i know its already a long route.

When i see my parents, my brother, some other member of my family at this period i get giggles !!! LOOOOLLL....im still laughing !

You can check it out all my pictures there: Read more

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Aries Spears Rap - Awesome !

This guy is damn crazy !!

Thats awesome dude....just check it out, u gonna get crazy as well !!

Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/phu1NS52O9U/ Aries Spears.....

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2nd AliveNotDead Anniversary !!!

I will not talk that much, the picture will speak themself....I don't often come in HK, most of time it's for VISA problem :/

so not really enjoyable !! but this time i could enjoy my 4 days there and meet interesting people, talk and know more about the AnD Community !

Anyway, here it is the pics of AliveNotDead  2nd AnniversaryRead more

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Trip inHK...


On Friday 08th May '09, SAID and I already woke up to take taxi and to go to Hongqiao airport, but more important thing to notice, it's that i didn't sleep a lot....2hours maybe 1 !! arrff

We were wore out....better to not see my eyes :p  

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May Day Holiday

Friday 1st May, 2009What a beautiful day...Good weather, exactly what i was waiting during this damn cold !!!

So, with my friend SAID we went to check some place for his next MV !!!

He was and I was not disappointed to have a walk the whole morning....

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Thursday, 30th April 2009.... I will remember this date.

My friend SAID take me to " GREEN BANK STUDIO", nice studio located in Dong'an Road (东安路).

When i arrived in, i feel like a kid you know, who is just in front of his candy.For some people sounds like stupid but for me, it was a dream...

This day, It was a pleasure to be close to a few famous Shanghainese singers.I mean be in the artists circle make you feel yourself like an artist, funny but true.... you have to live it to believe it :PRead more

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