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Dj becareful aka Sam Lee at velas club (shanghai)

We went to support Dj becarefulat Velas club last night, the first time i saw him play, it was at cliq club in HK but i was so tired and i didnt really enjoy and didnt stay longer...

But yesterday was different :D, with B-Kut, Joris and a friend, we got lot of fun, he mix many style very well, , lot of people was there for see him (specialy girls, you know "AAAAAAAAAH SAAAAMMM" something like that), tje club was so crowed, it had almost no place for dance!!!!

I wait for your next performance DJ!!

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First time for me cause i WASN't in HK Grrrrrr and yeah it was awesome i still have the girl sreaming echo on my brain lol :)
about 15 years ago
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Cool. Supporting eachother is the way it should be!
about 15 years ago
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Hey Zhou Le, I wish I were there!! :-)
about 15 years ago
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Kewl gig...what sorta music he plays? Wish I'm that part of the world too TT^TT
about 15 years ago


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