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My first movie... never done T-T

i found these two pictures took 10 years ago...

our team called D.N.A team (dynamic novice actors), and our goal was do our first videos games, japanese animation or asias movies parody.

We never done... cause we was all student in this time, and also many problem came like you wait 4 hours and nobody came etc.

So we give up to make something like that but the story was funny ^_^

who knows maybe a day....

miss you guys!!!! ^^

Did you regonize the characters? I let you guess :D

Very angry director... not happy

- Where is Zhou le???

-he go kill himself....

  • ohh...

Damn... believe me.... even with 5 peoples, it was impossible to move him!!!!

i remember when he said "i want pee", just him alone he was able to draw us with him....

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