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Demoreel update!

I got some feedback from some peoples cant watch the video for some quicktime conflict....

So here again the demoreel in flash video tudou,( cause youtube still blocked in china for some reasons...and i dont really like tudou because the compression qualite its not good at all.... and not play the video in 25 fs...) and google video

Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/iFQlrHWO18c/ Video: Read more

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At least we met, Bro!

Yesterday, we  finaly met, Wudi and me ^_^

since one year we try meet each other, it finaly done!

it was short but really nice to talk with him and his friends^^ ( mix english and chinese language ahahah)

See in two weeks bro!!!!!

<...Read more

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my work!

i got some time (8 hours) for make my demoreel... this is the first of 3 part (yes sounds like a trilogy....)

The first part is just about some animation i did for a tv show on ICS (International Channel Shanghai)

the second was for dance space event

and the last its the movie i made with loan few years ago!

enjoy ^^

hope you will like it!


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shanghai is too small!!!

I havent been here since a while~

i was very busy with some projects and my job.

I wrote cause it was very funny how shanghai is small!!

Francis Ko talk about his last shoot for a beer and i regonize the set!

i was in the same studio for shoot 2 weeks before ^^

i thought really it was for ikea advertissment ahahahahaha but i was wrong ahahaha

here the set:

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《倒影》(reversed) PART II

yop yop...

the post-production is harder than i had imagine... its very old old video we made...

as i said before, we didnt make a storyboard or prepar the fight or the acting etc...

so, i should "make-up" my videos as well for hide some mistake from the past...

here an example of the shoot , i have to modify ... add some water drop on the camera, rain, add the ghost on the reflection (here its Loan) and some color correction... but still some work to do...

Video: Read more

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have been longtime we shoot this movie... i think it was in 2006.

Loan and me, was talking about a movie where a human can see the ghost thru to any reflect...ion (sorry poor english).

when she came to belgium we got just like 4 days for make something... but we dont want spend all the time for the movie cause it's not everyday we can see each others... SO we taked 2 days for make it... no storyboard... find the actors 1 or 2 days before the shooting, no equipment, just a small camera and microphone... and lof of motivation...Read more

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xwt mv (untouched version)

it's very funny (maybe just for me....) to show the version untouched of the video...

just with the green screen ^^

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPIFv-TKM24

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Dance space event was very nice!!!

Yesterday has the dance space eventwith the final of the dance battle. The dancers was amazing!!! they was judged by  Shohei (Japan), KingTight (USA) and Gucchon (Japan).

I think it was very hard for them to choose the finalist at the end^^.

Loan asked me to make a kind of ipod MV style  for the XWT show at the same event.

a...Read more

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Hong Kong!!!!! I'm coming!!!!

that's it.....

thanks for reading.

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So longtime, i did'nt come here!! ><

so lazy, i am...

many thing happen theses days... i go back again in HK in october.... then i will moving in Hangzhou... so tired about Shanghai and november.... go back to Belgium for 2 or 3 weeks.... i didnt go back since i'm in china, almost 3 years now.

im not going to forget the movie i should make for Wudi and Myshoko in Beijing... miss so much to make one ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

after i come back from Belgium, let's see what i will do!

and here my first p...Read more

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