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It's time ! EMC Monkeys is BACK !

Video: EMC Monkeys is starting a new channel ! New contents every week to entertain u, to inspire u, to make u laugh =)

Stay tune and Join the Revolution !

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Are u Ready for the Revolution ?

Video: Yes I'm part of it and It's gonna be epic ;)

Join the Revolution

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Ninja and assassin 2 (kind of...) ^_^

Video: the Light Vs the Darkness, once again.

Congrats to Kevin and Danny, this short is the winner of best drama for Campus Movie Fest Bridgewater State University 2011.

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I had very bad sleep lately...

People says it's because my brain is too active so it can not rest properly even while i'm sleeping.

I end up by waking up twice a night at random hours or to just not sleep really.


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Artists, you need a website ?


Limited edition until the end of April 2011We have a special web package for artists who needs a small, cool and professional website to introduce themselves and their work!

For more information, check our site

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What the hell was I doing lately ??

Well I was pretty busy with ... starting my own business ! ^_^ v

Please wish me good luck for L'Atelier Geek

Closer look...

Aw yeah !

In few words, L'Atelier Geek provides websites, online shops and smartphones Apps.

We are small, professional, efficient, french and nice ! =]

We work worldwide, wherever you are you can turn the Geek Signal on and we will be there !

Benjamin and Loan at your service !

Feel free to say hi and to show us some love in our Facebook page too !

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a Little Busy =)

I've been working seriously about my new project lately

It demands quite some inspirations

So sorry for not updating my blog, but i'm sure you won't be mad at me when you will know what i'm up to =p

With no transitions, it's bento time :

See ya ^_^ v

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Improving myself: a better me ? a better life

I decided lately to work on myself.

I realized that i put myself in a very comfortable seat for almost one year now and i just followed the flow without really going anywhere...

When i used to do wushu i got goals and different stages to get to those goals.

It was fulfilling to achieve them one by one and to set new ones.

But I need that in life as well even if I tried to put it aside.

I thought I could be the kind of girls who could just stay on a rail and wait for things to be as they were meant to be without asking any questions. I probably forgot to do a lot of things while i was stuck and too focused on my private life (how can people be TOO focused on their private life btw ???). Unable to fix anything in my private life and with all my remaining ego, I decided that I could fail in love but I wouldn't fail in life.

So I kicked my ass to ignore that fragile part of me and started a huge plan to get better in many domains.

Self coaching is hard though. I'm reading everyday bunch of sites that talk about how to be more efficient, more productive, more organized, more skilled but also more positive, more happy, more relaxed, more more MORE !!!! Maaaaannn !!! I'm lacking that much ?? >_<

Anyway, I worked on that for few months now and i think the first reward is almost there.

On a lighter note, because it was kinda heavy to share that, i did last week another bento.

As we were closed to Halloween I tried to make a theme in my food :


felt like a kid when i opened my boxes at work...

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Being more talkative

Hello world !

It's been a while since the last time i wrote more than 3 lines on my blog hu ?

Time flew and it has been already 1 year i put my AnD blog on hiatus. Reasons ?

There're no real explanations, let's just say the way my life turned out was not interesting enough to blog about. I got a regular job, stopped partying like a rockstar, stopped all the businesses related to entertainment, I guessed that it was time to take a break from blogging.

But then i missed AnD friends lately.

So i am, back here.

First i guess you guys would like to know how i look like now haha.

I've been brunette for quite a while, thanks China, hair extensions are affordable here !

Those pics were taken by Mio when i came to Tokyo last June =)

As usual, she spoiled me !!

Support, support support !! Everywhere, anytime ! I just love this Tshirt

I need a new one i think...

I've been to AnD anniversary Beijing Party (u can check the album but Mio and Wudi have more pics than me)


Since Sept, I turned to light brown (almost strawberry blond)

Now what's new in my life ?

Well actually not much, i still work for that french company in Shanghai as a graphic/web designer.

I have adorable friends chinese and french here who are taking good care of me when i'm down.

My dance teachers Emma and Lee got married

And I caught the bride's bouquet... >_<

I miss my friends in USA because i wanted to visit them in Oct. but i have not enough vacations to go to CA and France in a row for Halloween and Christmas. I'll see next year how i can make it.

I started to make bento...

(love the angry octopus XD)

I think it's enough for us to catch up for now ;)

Next time i'll talk about World Expo and how i survived it...

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Should I come back ?

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