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  • I look japanese,chinese or korean but I'm not...But for sure, I am french.
    I like when life is random, full of surprises and fun stuffs.
    I try to go forward, to never regret anything and to always fight for what I want.

    Otherwise, in few words ?
    "I like being bad. It makes me happy"

    Catch me if you can !

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  • It's time ! EMC Monkeys is BACK !

    Sunday, Nov 6, 2011 9:28AM / Members only

    Video: http://youtu.be/yUfbgPX2QjQ

    EMC Monkeys is starting a new channel !
    New contents every week to entertain u, to inspire u, to make u laugh =)

    Stay tune and Join the Revolution !

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  • Are u Ready for the Revolution ?

    Thursday, Nov 3, 2011 2:09PM / Members only

    Video: http://youtu.be/gfNPAj8hm3Q

    Yes I'm part of it and It's gonna be epic ;)

    Join the Revolution

    Like the Fan page

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  • Ninja and assassin 2 (kind of...) ^_^

    Thursday, Apr 21, 2011 1:04PM / Members only

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzF6iAd2UZ0

    the Light Vs the Darkness, once again.

    Congrats to Kevin and Danny, this short is the winner of best drama for Campus Movie Fest Bridgewater State University 2011.

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  • Tired

    Wednesday, Apr 13, 2011 12:28AM / Members only

    I had very bad sleep lately...
    People says it's because my brain is too active so it can not rest properly even while i'm sleeping.
    I end up by waking up twice a night at random hours or to just not sleep really.

    IT SUX !!

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  • Artists, you need a website ?

    Friday, Mar 25, 2011 4:18PM / Members only

    Limited edition until the end of April 2011

    We have a special web package for artists who needs a small, cool and professional website to introduce themselves and their work!

    For more information, check our site www.lateliergeek.com

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  • Official artist 
    posted on Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012 3:40AM  [Report]
    very nice work hope to work with you one day. for now just look me up to see some of my work
  • posted on Monday, Nov 12, 2012 8:50PM  [Report]
    how are you !
    您 好 !
    Well come to China
  • posted on Monday, Jun 4, 2012 8:32PM  [Report]
    hehe u rock girl xoxo Nina
  • posted on Saturday, Apr 14, 2012 5:03AM  [Report]
    hello! how are you?
  • Official artist 
    posted on Saturday, Jan 21, 2012 5:04PM  [Report]
    nice photo x
  • Official artist 
    posted on Saturday, Jan 21, 2012 5:04PM  [Report]
    HI all have a look at my new advert for LA MUSCLE tell me what you think of it please
  • Official artist 
    posted on Sunday, Oct 30, 2011 1:57PM  [Report]
    M3GA <3
  • posted on Monday, Jul 18, 2011 8:55PM  [Report]
    how are you !
  • posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 12:43AM  [Report]
    Hi Loan it robbie it's been a while you look good. Charming as usual, hehe yeah i wake up at night alot to not a very good sleeper. Good to know you r happy.

    Smile always Dear
    Robbie xxx
  • Official artist 
    posted on Sunday, Apr 24, 2011 1:23PM  [Report]
    I'm ok, wrist is still weak, my shin is a lil crooked, and I have a scar on my shoulder blade. xD
    posted on Wednesday, Apr 13, 2011 12:53PM  [Report]
  • Official artist 
    posted on Friday, Mar 25, 2011 3:52PM  [Report]
    All the best to you from Copenhagen, Denmark!
  • posted on Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011 6:04PM  [Report]
  • posted on Wednesday, Mar 9, 2011 9:52PM  [Report]
    拿抢 很酷 认识下了啊
  • posted on Friday, Dec 31, 2010 2:16AM  [Report]
    Happy New Years from everyone at alivenotdead.com!
  • posted on Sunday, Oct 31, 2010 6:08AM  [Report]
  • Official artist 
    posted on Sunday, Sep 5, 2010 12:30PM  [Report]
    Tell me, what about price and quality...
    Please send me information:

    [email protected]

    Andrew Dasz
    Hong Kong
  • Official artist 
    posted on Saturday, Sep 4, 2010 10:10PM  [Report]
    Hello, do you make web sites?

    Andrew Dasz
    Hong Kong
  • posted on Sunday, Aug 15, 2010 11:11PM  [Report]
  • Official artist 
    posted on Wednesday, Jun 30, 2010 5:55PM  [Report]
    Hi Loan Trinh, How are you there? Just drop by and say hi to you. You are talent in graphic design there. hehe!
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