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The Second of The Rest of My Life

I'm probably not very good at this blogging thing. But like everything else i've done, it seems to get

better at time...when you let it.

I'm in Hong Kong. It's an awesome place and it's always been and it'll probably always be for me.

I met an old friend last night. I see her more often than i ever did before and she always gives me a certain high for the next couple days.

I woke up at 734am today, smiling....here's my achievements today thus far (9.54am)

  • I watched CNN for today's headline. An English Mercenary in Zimbabwe was sentenced to 34 years in a prison there.

  • I remixed a friend's track for his performance this week. I added a dreamy rockish edge to it and if i'm right on this, it could come off very well with models and shiny things. I find Logic 8 very helpful for my travel habits.

I look forward to sharing more on music and special old friends as I work to actually make a blog work.

tye lee

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almost 15 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Looking forward to knowing more about how you make music!
almost 15 years ago
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you're getting better already... keep it up!
almost 15 years ago


take a picture, snap....

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