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music for the weekend? try In Between

A good friend of mine and probably the most inspiring artist i have worked with in my career has put out an album called In Between. I highly recommend this. I helped with only 3 songs on it but the countless other people who contributed to the other songs have done such a wonderful job.

It's a collection of some of the best of Van Ness Wu's works as a solo artist and i think people need to pay attention to the man cause there are times he has come at me with some ideas that wow me.

In Between is also a nice place to start if you aren't an avid Van Ness Wu yet. It takes you up to date on where he is at his career. It's honest, it's good music, it's insightful and it's also what I see as the beginning of a music revolution, in this part of the world we all live in now, that he will be one of the leading figures in.

It's my 30th birthday this Friday. I've put aside the big party plans and decided i want to let this one pass like the last few cause I too am in between places in my life. I'll be listening to In Between this weekend. I hope you are too. It's available at all good music stores.

And if u can't find it, please feel free to ask me for the address of the nearest HMV near you. Though these days..a click of a button will get u there...

Have a nice one, folks..

In commemoration of this launch. I also thought i'd share some photos taken from one of the sessions for the new songs on this album.

I arrived baller-status in my Escalade to the studio. I haven't made a hit in years and I haven't figured out why this guy wants me to produce a record for him.

I enter and I meet Van Ness who was practicing a really big piano.

Without turning around, like in an old Hitchcock movie, he mutters the words "do you dance?".

I said, "Well no. But there's a nice girl from the village I am from. She wants to dance with me on the day we get married." Thoughts of her appeared in my mind...

He turned around. And said "I am ready. I suggest we dance to get into the mood."

I was like "this guy is serious". He changed his outfit in a 180 turn and was looking like he did in his video.

I was impressed. I moved towards the console. This was the first time I was recording anybody in my life. And I've been producing music since I was 18.

He turned another 180 and appeared in the sound booth. With a mic. A fucking mic

He even had a gigantic cardboard cut out of a magazine back drop. His manager explained that it was to make him look like he was straight out of the magazine. As awesome of a person in person. I didn't know what that meant but i nodded.

He was fast, quick, on point, professional and very much the big star he is known for being.

And therefore.....THIS WEEKEND, people all around Asia don't need hate, and don't know what love is yet...but they're going to start IN BETWEEN.

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i wasn't paying attention when they gave me the song list on the album...or else "just one dance" would be on the album. But all good...the talented Mr. Tye Lee... you doin somethin very slicketysickalicious~ You're very good at what you do...
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cool sneak peek!
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take a picture, snap....

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