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  • adidas Original Quiz

    Thursday, Mar 12, 2009 1:49PM / Standard Entry / Members only
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    Alivenotdead.com adidas Originals

    I just took the Originality quiz, take a look at my results!
    Naturally Original
    At first glance you may seem fairly average, but after two minutes of talking, it's clear that there's more to you than meets the eye. Despite not advertising your originality, you always keep your own unique perspective and creative approach to life. You're equally comfortable in any situation and fit in no matter where you go but you always stay true to yourself.
    1. Which of the following describes you and your group of friends?
      We are all unique in our own ways
    2. I am spontaneous and unpredictable
    3. When I have to assemble something, I read the directions first
    4. When I'm given a choice, I go with my "gut" instinct
    5. I like "well-structured" assignments more than I like assignments that are "open-ended"
    6. Pick up to 4 creative outlets you enjoy
      Writing (poetry, stories, etc)
      Performance arts (acting, dance, etc)
    7. Which alivenotdead.com artists do you find inspiring?
    8. When choosing clothes to buy you are most likely to
      Buy only the fashionable clothing of course!
    9. When I say blue, what do you think of?
    10. Lastly, Tell us 10 things you want to do, try or experience before your 60th birthday?
      Travel the world, a personal masseuse, take beautiful photographs, be a surfer, live in various parts of the world and consume the local culture, write & publish a book, marry the person I love & who loves me back, be part of a reality TV show, afford a weekly shopping spree, write and produce a movie.

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  • Etchy
    posted on Thursday, Mar 12, 2009 3:40PM [Report]
    you could probably combine a few of those '10 things' into one.  "marry your personal masseuse as you travel around the world surfing and have the whole thing filmed for a reality tv show"  :-P

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