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NYE party at ZUMA

Ocean Vista Films and the I SHot Hong Kong Film Festival are proud media sponsors of this year's Alive Not Dead New Year's Eve party at Zuma.

It's going to be THE end of year party.

Details below -----

Party tickets are going fast! We sold out early for the Halloween party. So, if you are planning on coming, we strongly suggest that you PURCHASE YOUR TICKET IN ADVANCE! We will also have post-countdown tickets available at the door after 1am for HK$200 with 1 free drink. Tickets for the countdown party can be purchased at:

Third, we are very happy to announce a lucky draw! Thanks to our generous sponsors, we have 4 fabulous prizes available for giveaway:

1) 3 night stay in 4 bedroom villa at L’Orchidée resort in Phuket, Thailand* [*Note: airfare not included; 8 person max capacity; offer valid from jan 10 to nov 30, 2010; subject to availability]

2) Diesel men's jacket (retail value @ HK$2,000)

3) Diesel women's jacket (retail value @ HK$2,000)

4) Red Packet "Exploration" package (retail value HK$888)

Each party or dinner purchased online will receive one entry in the lucky draw. We will also be giving away special Diesel t-shirts at the party. =)


Tickets for the countdown party can be purchased at:

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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Awards presentation and wrap party is going to hit warp speed at the big W Hotel tonight.

CB Fresh in the house. Shairah in the house. Winners of all categories will be announced and presented with their statuettes.

It's going to rock.

Be there from 10 pm.

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10 p.m. at W Hotel Living Room

With performances by CB Fresh, international R&B/jazz artist SHAIRAH, and swami (NYC) - Resident DJ at Cro-bar, Sullivan Room, Le Souk, Movida, Robot Heart and Kee Club

HKD200 per person prebook, HKD250 at the door

Tickets are limited so RSVP now at

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I SHOT HONG KONG - How we operate and why.

  I SHOT HONG KONG - How we operate and why.

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2009 1:37PM

 We often receive questions regarding the operation of the festival, the cost of submissions and why we charge what we do for screenings and events surround the festival.

I've attempted in this blog to explain how we operate and why we do it.

Firstly, the festival is owned and operated by Ocean Vista Films and administered by a small team of 5 people - 3 from Ocean Vista Films and two individuals who donate most of their time (apart from a small expenses stipend) to make sure it happens. The festival was started as a labour of love and continues to be operated on that basis. It costs an enormous amount of time and money every year and diverts resources away from our traditional core business. In fact, the festival (for now) runs at a significant loss.

ISHK is also truly independent. We don't rely on Government hand outs like other festivals in Hong Kong. We run on the generous nature of the people who donate their time, the sponsors who provide their goods and services for the events that raise money for the festival and for our nominated charities, and the resources of Ocean Vista Films. As such, there's very little cash sponsorship to cover direct expenses.


Most film festivals charge submission fees to pay for the administration and screening of the films. Our fees cover:

  1. TELA film classification. TELA is the government agency that classifies films. It charges large sums of money for the privilege. These sums change dramatically depending on many different variables but the average cost this year for each film has been around HK$65 per minute. Do the arithmetic on a 15 minute film and you'll see that the submission fee doesn't cover costs.

  2. There's also the costs of advertising for submissions in magazines and newspapers.

  3. Administration costs for accepting the films (sorting them into their categories, copying them for the judges, organising judges' nights and accompanying literature).

  4. Significant post production and editing costs to put the films onto a screening time line.

  5. Designing, composing, writing and publishing the information about each film in screenings programmes, websites, newspaper and magazine stories and the like.

  6. Translation from both English to Chinese and Chinese to English.

  7. The design and manufacture of trophies (this year the design work has been sponsored by China Stylus).

  8. Prizes and awards. Approaching and administering sponsor prizes.

  9. Satelite events, leading up to the festival, such as the panel discussion and the networking evenings.

  10. Doctor's bills to cure our mental health and sleep deprivation ailments ;+)


This year, we have been fortunate enough to partner with Grand Cinema. They have given us a cinema theatre with 118 seats. EACH AND EVERY SCREEENING ONLY COSTS $60, which is no different to any other film charged at the cinema. In order to pay for the theatre, we split that revenue with Grand and they get a much larger percentage. The income from screenings is actually so small, it doesn't cover the cost of design and printing for posters, programmes, billboards and flyers.


The VIP dinner is not aimed at filmmakers. It's aimed at high earning corporate types who we target through a $1000/hd dinner to help fund the festival so we can show your films on the big screen. These corporate business people are patrons of the arts. But they also get a good deal. For $1000 they get a 3-5 course meal, all their wine and beer, an international singing artist performing live, the Ocean Vista Films Artist Series Exhibition, the awards presentation and the entertainment (djs and performers) of the wrap party - all at one of Hong Kong's best venues. We also use the dinner to invite people who have helped us make the festival happen. We pay for their dinner and evening as a heart-felt thank you.


Through the generous sponsorship of W Hotel and alcohol sponsors such as Dragon I and others, we are able to organise parties where the filmmakers can mingle, discuss their work, check out the work of their friends and meet established industry players whom they would otherwise not have the opportunity to do so. But putting on these events costs money. From the hiring of dj decks and pa systems, to studio lights, the red carpets, design and printing of back drops, down to the hiring of vans to pick up the alcohol. The costs are enormous and its a lucky day if we cover these costs (which is why you all must come). The most expensive event this year is the opening night screening and after party at $250. But for this money, patrons get the screening ticket to the premiere, a red carpet event, and the after party with a dj and free flow alcohol. I defy anyone to find me an event which offers better value.


As with any film festival, those who submit films do so because they want to draw attention to their abilities as artists and hopefully to further their careers in the film industry. This can only happen if they submit work to be judged by peers and if it is put up on the big screen. Making a film costs money, but so does getting it up on to the big screen. This is the trade-off the filmmaker and the film festival event holder make with each other. It benefits everyone, especially the audience, which gets to see new, exciting and innovative film and talent. I Shot Hong Kong also actively promotes each film for the filmmakers in other outlets. For the past two years we have sent the best ten films to a special screening at the Prague Fringe Festival - at our cost.


We have a board of advisors, consisting of some of the biggest names in the industry here, who keep us on the straight and narrow and guide our business endeavours. These people also donate their time and experience to help us when we get in a jam. They come to the events and make themselves available to the filmmakers as well, helping them with advice where they can. They also keep their eyes out for new talent among our filmmakers, which benefits everyone in the industry.


Our judges come from all sections of the artistic community - entrpreneurs, film critics, Hollywood producers, production company owners, music producers and fine arts backgrounds. They are objective, discerning, and successful in their own right.

In conclusion, putting together a film festival is a very costly, stressful and time consuming job. It's not just the festival itself. Just ask any of the other event organisers whom we team up with throughout the year to carry on the artistic push, such as Clockenflap, HarbourFest, Speak Up, and Moonlight Movies and Galleri. Each of the groups that hold these events know what I'm talking about. They hold these events for the benefit of the artistic community and to further the development of arts in Hong Kong. They get very little thanks for doing these events other than the personal satisfaction of knowing they've made a small difference.

We hope you enjoy this year's festival and if you have any comments to make about how we organise the event, please speak to us directly. We love feedback. It helps us to improve the event each year. Email us at

We look forward to seeing you at one of the ($60 - cheap cheap la) screenings between July 1 and July 5 and to the great festival events which have been put on especially for you.

Yours sincerely,

The ISHK Dream Team.

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I SHOT HONG KONG festival trailer

Edited by Lindsay Robertson

Music composed by Craig Leeson



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Shortlisted Films Announced

See for ticket information

I SHOT HONG KONG 2009 Finalists.

We are pleased to announce that the following films have been shortlisted by our judges to be screened at the upcoming festival, July 1 - July 5, 2009, The Grand Cinema.

Short Film: (in no particular order)

"Sail of Life" Ringo Tan

"Gong Neui" Lawrence Gray

"Isle be Damned" Josh Evans

"The Dream of the Butterfly" Lilla Ban

"Kowloon Story" Juliane Block

"Stream of Hong Kong" Poul Kristiansen

Music Video (in no particular order)

"TV Dream" Edwin Lee

"Where do we go (where is home)" Simon Yin

"Love Song - Sing It" Anton C Wong

Documentary (in no particular order)

"Save the Human! Don't Eat the Planet!" Bobsy

"Bamboo" Ho Sin Chung

"Fin" Claire Garner, Josefina Bergsten, Andy Limond

Due to the number of quality entries we will be screening another selection of films later in the year with details of this to be announced shortly.

Congratulations to our 12 finalists!



July 1 - July 5 at The Grand Cinema, Elements.


July 1

Opening Night Red Carpet Screenings at The Grand and After Party at W Hotel.

July 3

VIP Fundraising Dinner followed by

Wrap Party and Awards Presentation at W Hotel

For ticket information visit

Selected films will be announced on Monday 15th June.

See you at the cinema!

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Hong Kong, June 9, 2009 – The iconic I SHOT HONG KONG (ISHK) Independent Short Film Festival 2009 has invited leading Hong Kong-based artists and directors to create short films shot in Hong Kong to showcase the talent and diversity of style within this city’s creative pool of globally recognized visual artists.

Contemporary artist Simon Birch,  actor / director Eugenia Yuan and a collaboration between actress and artist, Josie Ho, and director/actor Jason Tobin, will launch the inaugural Ocean Vista Films Artist Series, which will be screened with the short-listed finalist films to be shown over five days from Wednesday, July 1, to Sunday, July 5, at Grand Cinema at Elements.

The artists will be given the latest professional High Definition Red One cameras and Creative iCare Apple edit suites and just 48 hours to make a film.

“With a level playing field, it will be up to their artistic skill to interpret the creative, which is titled “Determination,” says Craig Leeson, CEO of Ocean Vista Films, the festival’s organizer.  “It’s a unique concept for Hong Kong and we plan to take the exhibition internationally to showcase the talent that exists in Hong Kong and to help restore Hong Kong’s reputation as a global filmmaking centre.”

Since it launched just three years ago, I SHOT HONG KONG has gained a strong cult following among Hong Kong's film and creative industry elites, who have coined it the Tribeca Film festival of Hong Kong, specifically on its focus to promote and renew Hong Kong as a major filmmaking center. Its board of advisors includes executives from the major studios and its lineup of judges includes leaders from the film and music industries. Several filmmakers, such as 2007 Audience Choice winner, Korean Josh Kim, and one of the festival’s original members, Hong Kong director, Antony Szeto (director of WuShu - executive produced by Jackie Chan), credit ISHK with furthering their careers.

This year, the festival has upped the ante on its red carpet parties with overwhelming support from the creative and entertainment industries.  W Hotel, this year’s festival partner, will be hosting all major events including the opening night screening party on July 1, the VIP awards dinner  and the July 3 wrap party, which will feature international guest performers and local rap artists including R&B singer Shairah and comedy performance group CB Fresh.

“We’re thrilled to be on board as a major partner of the I SHOT HONG KONG Film Festival,” remarked the W’s new General Manager Krister Svensson who also oversaw the award-winning hotel’s execution of the Hong Kong International Film Festival sponsorship. “Not only is this innovative cultural event in line with the W brand’s global strategy of engaging what’s new and next in the film industry, it also reflects our commitment to contributing to a greater landscape of cultural development benefiting our hotel destination, but more importantly Hong Kong as a whole.”

Awards will be given in five categories: The South China Morning Post Documentary Category, Short Category, Music Video, Animation Category and The People’s Choice Award. Prizes will be presented by Creative iCare, GENUS, and Digital Media Center.  China Stylus is designing the 2009 ad campaign and the statuette award.

Other major sponsors include Asia’s premier luxury villa developer, Prism Estates and media sponsors South China Morning Post, Time Out Hong Kong and Alive not Dead.

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Twitter Iz Us

We have reached the Twitter age.

For constant updates on the latest information, add us to your Twitter following list.


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ISHK Networking Event

FINDS, April 22: More than 80 people crowded the outside deck at Finds, in LKF Hotel, on Wyndham St, on Wednesday night to network with other filmmakers taking part in the I Shot Hong Kong Film Festival.

The crowd vocalised its approval when told the organisers had bent to considerable pressure to extend the deadline for submissions. The new deadline is now May 14.

Many filmmakers have met the original deadline and the pile of submissions is growing increasingly large. Several filmmakers have gone as far as to enter their entries in more than two categories in a bid to cover their bases and increase their chances of winning one of the four categories of Short Film, Documentary, Music Video and Animation.

The networking event also provided a chance to focus on the work of several filmmakers who are currently in production, as well as those whose projects are now in the public domain.

Simon Yin, one of the CB Fresh loonies, gave a talk on one of the first skits the group guerilla shot on the streets of Hong Kong.

Patrice Pajoul screened a trailor for his new film The Other End Of The Gun, starring Kate Sullivan. The premiere will be held next week at 7..30pm on Thursday, April 30th at The Hong Kong Arts Centre (Agnes b. cinema) before Patrice takes it to Cannes. We wish him and his team the best of luck.

Jen Thym, director of new upcoming web series, Lumina, screened her trailor and explained how the new Red One cameras gave the series such a high-end look. You can view the trailor on Youtube or on Alive Not Dead.

And KC Wong, director of last year's winner, Sister, told the crowd how I Shot Hong Kong had launched his film career and given him the impetus to make a new film. We just hope he gets it in on time for this year's judging!

Thanks to Colette Koo for providing FINDS as our venue for this year's networking event. Stay tuned for more news and upcoming ISHK events.  If anyone has pictures from this year's networking event, pls let me know as we like to include as many as we can on this website.

Now get back to editing and get those films in on time!

Craig Leeson

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