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Shinjuku Incident @ HKIFF

So I managed to catch Shinjuku Incident  - the opening film for HK International Film Festival @ the HKCEC on Sunday night. I was lucky enough to get a ticket since it was sold out quite early!

I was very excited to watch it coz it's actually my first HK film since moving to HK! Yes ironic I know... I watched more HK films when I was back in KL.

Anyways, yes, Daniel Wu is in it (another reason I got excited). BUT it wasn't him back from the days of Bishonen - though I wish it was - in Shinjuku he had those curls that feels almost like a brush - of course I was assuming it felt that coarse just by looking at it. And from what I've heard he had that hairstyle on for 6 months for the duration of the shoot! 

Back to the film, my first reaction was WOW! There's so much GORE in it! Well coming from Malaysia where all the films in the cinema are censored this came as a real shock! I've never seen such decapitated hands so BIG and so close to me! But it was well exciting - what a new and pleasant? experience!

Okay fine, let's go to the storyline. It started out really nice and sweet with a promising good after feeling. Half-way through everything started moving really fast - almost in fast-forward that I sometimes lose the plot. And I feel it doesn't give me enough time to fully understand the reasons why the characters did what they did. Maybe the characters weren't developed well enough - maybe it was done that way on purpose to create the feeling that no one - including the characters themselves - fully understood what was going on. Of course this was a chapter of confusion, chaos and backstabbing.

Another thing that I found myself doing was trying to move the frame lower or to the side - depending on the shot that I realise was missing. It's just that sometimes the characters seem to be doing something but I cannot see what exactly that they're holding/chopping/etc.

I do like how the characters seem very real - that unlucky things do keep happening to the same person. It's something that we hate to see happen to people but yea - life's a bitch and bad luck comes in 3s... or more. Some people choose to be naive, some people overcompensate their weaknesses by acting bigger than they really are, some people backstab to reach their goals, some reasons are never explained... and good people do die in the end. In real life there aren't many happy endings.

Overall I like the movie. It is kinda disturbing in a way but movies are meant to create feelings within you.

I only hope I can learn Cantonese overnight like how Jackie Chan managed to learn Japanese in this movie :)

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Meeting Duffy and her concert

Friday morning we set out for an interview with Welsh singer-songwriter Duffy @ the W Hotel in Kowloon. She is here for her first concert in Hong Kong.

I was sick the day before, down with fever, flu, cough, the whole shebang. Luckily I recovered in time for the interview.

The location was reaally sweet - it was one of the suites. At one point we had to wait inside the HUGE ass bathroom with open view of the harbour complete with rain shower and Mr. Ducky (I know sounds dodgy that we're waiting inside a bathroom, right?)

Anyways, it came to our turn to interview her. Alvey was on a roll so it turned out quite good. Duffy gives really good answers, in producer's terms - her bites were very usable :) So I was quite happy about that.

No, we didn't manage to take a photo with her coz the whole thing started late, other media extended their slots and poor us were rushed to finish it ASAP. It didn't matter anyways, coz it would be very un-media like for me to want to take photos with her like fans do (hehehe yes but I would SO do it if it was Justin Timberlake!) But Alvey did though for the website - I'll have to ask our publicist for the photo so I can steal it and post it here.

That night we went to her concert in AsiaWorld Arena. Did vox-pops with the fans before the show started. A lot of them were shy to sing at first but later on we got mobbed by Alvey's fan PLUS a dad who insisted that we shoot his daughter singing a Duffy song! She was quite good too so it was all fun.

Duffy's concert was really good. Her voice sounded just like in the CD (I bought the special extended version last week, should have gotten her to autograph it, darn!) However, it woulda been better if they placed a huge screen of her so all her fans can actually see her FACE when she sang as opposed to making out the girl dancing in the middle of the stage as Duffy.

I was supposed to attend a few parties after that. But I went home and bed-rested for the rest of the weekend. Sux being sick. But on the bright side, I got to watch lots of reality tv shows that I really love. Yeay!

Oh, got the pics from Alvey. Here they are:


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Of Hello Kitties, pole parties, Wild Safaris & French Hiphop

I've been going to quite a few events lately. It seems like my weeknites turn out to be more interesting (meaning ends later) than my weekends!

So here goes:

The Hello Kitty & MAC mash up launch @ Cliq:

The S&M Kitty was so kinky... too bad we covered his body. Haahaa

This is Libre de danser @ M1NT where Sky performed some erotic pole dancing.. ouhhhh...

The Wild Safari party @ M1NT. They played dope hiphop and old skool stuff. I danced the night away...

Ouh I was in my animal print. Grawlllll!!!

And then there was this French Hiphop event @ The Fringe Club. The performances were cool & it was a full house! French sounds sooo sexy.... ehehehe

Wow what a week, eh? Now back to doing that overdue laundry..... (groan...)

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adidas Original Quiz

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Ron English @ DNM

So last night I went to the Ron English event @ DNM.

The art work was really cool and witty - like merging the face of Abraham and Obama, Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Mouse :). He even had a life model (apparently Spencer found her :P) on stage for him to paint and showcase his ártwork'. Nice.

Abraham-Obama Life-model getting painted Lots of cool artsy people came by and got to know some new faces which is really exciting.

Love the shoulder pads, Dennis :)

Good job, Vicky!

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ZoukOut 2008

I was in Singapore last weekend for ZoukOut 2008.

It was held in Sentosa Island.

For those not familiar with ZoukOut, it is one of the biggest outdoor music festivals in Asia. They have performances by international DJs, local bands and other attractions like bungy swing, palm reader, free massage... etc.

Alvey and I went there to cover the event for a few programs like Remote Control, The Rock Show and Scene & Heard for [V]. We interviewed a couple of artists like The Teenagers - they're really funny pretending to be Beyonce and all while doing their IDs. We also interviewed Dimitri from Paris, Errol Alkan, Nouvelle Vague & a few other performers. Nouvelle Vague's performance was awesomely sexy.. I love it!

with The Teenagers However, I felt like the event this year was not as 'happening' as it was last year. The crowd came in late, there were too few people in costumes. We managed to catch the ultraman looking person in stilts and two guys in red spandex and hot bodies though which were kinda interesting. There was a girl doing an awesome ass grinding move on the stage and that was HOT! I had to drag Alvey and the cameraman away from her! Hahaha actually I was so mesmerized I didn't want to move myself. But if you want to catch it in action then you'd have to watch Remote Control (good plug eih).

So it was quite a cool weekend. I got to eat yummy Singaporean food, met up with some friends - enjoyed good music. All while working too! :)

Alvey doing his signature dance move

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Sunday @ DNM

Yes so I had to work on a Sunday.

But I wasn't complaining since it was in the company of awesome people and cool clothes.

Know1edge by Daniel Wu did a PC @ DNM and we covered the event for Scene and Heard.

Alvey went to interview Daniel Wu - the actor turned clothes designer. It was quite exciting actually since Lisa works with me but I've never actually met Daniel until that day.

But I've always loved his acting especially in Bishonen and Gen X Cops (heheh) and it's really awesome to finally meet him face to face.

The interview went on swell and we also did some voxpop with the crowd that were there eg.Derrick. Brian and Annie were really nice and the clothes are just sooo coool. I hope they'd do a women's line though. I'd buy it.

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Kylie X and TARA

Okie this is an overdue entry. But I looked @ my page and saw how sad it was that I only have 1 post I just had to push myself to update this blog. Okay, let's start with what I did 2 weeks ago.

I went to the Kylie X Concert @ Asia World Expo. Well I'm not that big of a fan of Kylie but I went for work actually. We had to shoot some voxpop with the audience before the show with Dom and get some cool, funny reactions and dance moves from them.

I stayed for the show (Dom didn't). But she sang most of the songs from her new album which I'm not that familiar with. The performance was good though. I'm glad I got a chance to watch a Kylie concert considering she's canceled it before and she might be retiring?

After the concert I then went to Grappas in Central to meet up and congratulate Vince who just won The Amazing Race Asia. I was just there the week before and was part of the cheering team when Team HK won. The atmosphere was just awesome, the whole Grappas exploded! It was really cool actually.

It's funny how he managed to keep it a secret from everyone all these while. Especially since when I last saw him he said to keep supporting him no matter what happens. Haha. What an Actor.

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Welcome to my page.

I'm here to make new friends and find like minded people in Hong Kong since I've only moved here 6 months ago.

I love to attend events - music, arts, theatre... So yea, invite me & keep the scene alive!


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