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Nicholas Tse 謝霆鋒- Philip Ng, Andy On- Martial Art Training Montage|謝霆鋒, 伍允龍, 安志杰 - 武功蒙太奇 |谢霆锋, 伍允龙, 安志杰 - 武功蒙太奇

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LIFE IS WAR!!!|人生是場戰爭!!!|人生是场战争!!!|人生は戦いだ!!!

This is the 2nd part of (behind the scenes) to my music video,still got lots to do but not enough time. That really bugs the hell outa me. when i know deep in my heart that i can reach a higher standard no matter in terms of plot ,computer graphics or script, but due to the deadline that i have to meet, i simply can't deliver the 100% outcome...sigh...The new album should be released in may ,but if i want to perfect my MV in terms of graphics wise i need 4 more months which i don't have. It might be anothe...Read more

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DEFENDING A DREAM!!!!|捍衛夢想!!!!|捍卫梦想!!!!|夢を守りぬくこと

It's been 3 years since I've released a new album,some say that I've given up on music others say i don't have the hunger for it anymore. Well to me music is not something that you can ditch out anytime anywhere although the Hong Kong music companies has a habit of forcing the artist to release atleast 2-3 albums per year. I just think that one must have the time to experience ups and downs on different stages in life, In order to actually have something to imput into that album. An album is NO...Read more

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Yes,  yes...... i know it's been a long time that i have not  blogged.Thx  for all the comments and sorry for the wait.I've been busy recording my new album and promoting my new movie premiering on the 20th of November in mainland China and on the 27th worldwide. I am TIRED------but then it's my job. New movie named THE BEAST STALKER should be a surprise to those who have only seen the tough side of Nicholas and not the soft side,as i remember it's been about 9 years since I've dropped a tear ...Read more

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ONCE IN A LIFE TIME...THE OLYMPICS|一生一次…奧運會|一生一次…奥运会|生涯で一度の...オリンピック

Finally! after 8 years waiting China was approved to be the host of the Olympic games in 2008.....the day has come!.And i was chosen to be one of the artist to stand in front of the world to perform,although it may not have been a spotlight performance solo but having the honor to just stand on that stage amongst of the world's  elites...(i almost pissed my pants). From the opening to the closing ceremony it was like training with the military,no mistakes allowed, no cameras,even food a...Read more

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TO MY SON!!!!!!|寫給我兒子!!!!!!|写给我儿子!!!!!!|息子へ!!!!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6xHOQJuxV 4 Many thx for all the stunt crews that saved my life!!!!!!

This is my job Movies and music and some life risky stunts.We call this Hong Kong action.In another words,(HALFWAY IN HELL)....This blog is dedicated to my son's 1st birthday and yes people call me nuts when i do stunts like these after being a father and a husband.But I personally think of my son as a motivation and not a bur...Read more

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