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Domo Arigato (Part 3) !!!

Here's the last part of our trip to Tokyo.  It was a blast and we could've definitely stayed out there way longer but there's always next time so it's all good.  My favorite part was getting to see and listen to so much cool music.  I almost forgot what it feels like to walk into a store playing good stuff like The Clash, Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, and Radiohead.  It totally got me energized and focused on coming up with new songs.  Until next time.....sayonara Tokyo!

Lat time we were there I didn't see any bands playing but this time there were a bunch of bands playing on the streets and outside the train stations.  They would play 4-5 songs and then sell their CDs or pass out flyers for the next gig.  All of them were really good too![](/attachments/2008/04/23277_200804121532106.thumb.jpg)Some bands were performing rain or shine!  Respect!

This guy was pretty stoked to take pictures showing of his own style.  There were tons of lolita, goth, and punk rock kids around there strutting their stuff and giving free hugs next to the bands in Harajuku!#

Disk Union!  My favorite record store in Japan.  They had a floor for every type of music from punk, hardcore, alternative, country, rock, etc.  Each section had new and used vinyl and cds!!!  There selections were even better than stores in LA!

#Last time I bought this mag about jazz guitarists and in it was an add for the Blue Drag.  Being a big Django Reinhardt fan I had to go check it out.  The band played great gypsy jazz tunes and the lead guitarist even played his solos just like Django with only two fingers! 

Akihabara!  You know I went crazy and got my otaku on.  More model kits to leave sitting around unfinished...ha...

#Next I had to stop by Original Fake and check out the bigger than life Kaws figure.  Everything from the tiles to the roof had the "XX" eye designs so it was pretty cool. 

London Police, Mr.A, WK Interact, and a crossover piece by Dave Flores and Haze (who did 24 Herbs' logo)!

We passed by this university photo gallery in one of the side streets of Harajuku and they gave us some of their actual pics to take home for free!

So the whole trip we didn't get to see the cherry blossoms like we wanted to until a few hours before we had to head out to the airport!  Luckily we stumbled upon a park that was just few block away from where were staying and finally got a chance to enjoy the blooming flowers.

Taking it all in and enjoying our lucky encounter!

Our last view of the cherry blossoms were these excited school kids and their teacher wondering around the park.  What a good way to end our trip.........

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Li tong 2014 2 photo by fion cao
Hey Ryan! Tokyo is such a cool place! I also remember those bands who play on the streets. You don't see much of those in China unfortunately... Akihabara is one of my fave spots in Tokyo!! You can't leave without getting a cool gadget!
about 16 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
woah funky. I used to teach students from Asia University in the U.S. They had an exchange program with my University and would come over in groups of 90 every half-year. I always wondered where that school as in Tokyo since I've never bothered to go looking for it ... and probably never will. lol.
about 16 years ago
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nice sakura. did you see the street bands in akihabara? very unique! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5svfJVH4Qg
about 16 years ago
You should be in the movies! The 'Akhibara' photo just proves it... Oh, and MORE GUITARS PLEASE.
about 16 years ago


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