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Fernando's Hideaway !!!

Today I'd like to introduce you guys to Fernando's Hideaway!  It's our favorite spot to eat at every time we make it to Macao and it has the best Portuguese food around.  If you cruise down to Black Sand Beach you'll see it right there by the bus stop.  Good eats!

Super chill and super good!

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The Writing on the Walls !!!

One of the things I liked the most about London was all the street art.  There was always something cool on the walls and sometimes you'd come across a Bansky or a Space Invader.  Even the Tate Modern had an installation about street art and they had books mapping out where you can see some famous pieces.  Dope!

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Sunny Day Real Estate !!!

Some of my favorite bands are the ones that I don't like at first and Sunny Day Real Estate was no exception.  I bought their "How it feels to be something on" CD after a lot of my friends recommended it and at first I didn't get it and gave it away the next day.  A few months later my friend gave it back to me (she didn't like it either) I gave it one last listen and then it just clicked.  They quickly became one of my favorites and a bunch of us even went up to watch them play at the Glass House (Pamona, Ca)...Read more

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J'aime Paris !!!

The third stop of our trip was Paris.  After learning French in high school I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally put it to use.  Needless to say I couldn't keep up and I only got the occational "merci" or "c'est combien?" across.  My teacher would be so bummed at me right now.......but on the flip-side we had a rock star sighting while walking from the Louvre to the Arc du Triomphe.  At first I just noticed this guy with black sunglasses, goatee, tattoos sitting with his family along the...Read more

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Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil !!!

Been listening to a lot of old Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil lately.  Jawbreaker's "Dear You" album and Jet's to Brazil's "Orange Rhyming Dictionary" are in my top ten CDs ever and both bands were fronted by Blake Schwarzenbach.  His songwriting and lyrics are just amazing.  Actually, the first time I played in college was at the PLNU tank cafeteria and we did Jawbreaker's "Boxcar" along with Face to Face's "Disconnected."  Good times indeed.....

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Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris !!!

The first landmark we went to when we got to Paris was the Notre Dame Cathedral and it was insane.  I never realized how big it was and how detailed the architecture was going to be.  It's definitely worth checking out in person because these pictures don't do it justice.  The cathedral was completed in 1250 and is considered the "World Ambassador of Gothic Cathedrals." 

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London Calling !!!

After a super fun and productive week in Bath we decided to say a few more days in London before moving on to Paris and Le Lot (south of France).  This was my first trip to the UK so of course I had to take a ton of pics.  Oh yeah, thanks to all the peeps on alivenotdead.com for all the birthday wishes you guys kick ass!

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Creative Exchange !!!

Just got back our trip last night and I'm beat.  Luckily we made it back before the typhoon hit otherwise we'd be stuck in the airport right now.  Anyway, here's pictures of Creative Exchange 2008 that I was apart of in Bath, London.  It was a joint project between C.A.S.H, PRS Foundation, and Bath Spa University.  There was 4 HK songwriters ( Rachel Kar, Janet Yung, Ng King Pan, and myself) and 4 L...Read more

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Bath !!!

I’ve been out of town this past week working here in Bath, London on a really cool project.  I was asked to take part in the Creative Exchange 2008 project between C.A.S.H. (Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong), PRS Foundation (Performing Right Society London),  and Bath Spa University.  This was my first time working with so many talented people at once and also my first trip to England/Europe so I was pretty excited to say the least.  I’ll share more about the project in my next blog update but first I'd like to introduce you to our hom...Read more

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Shatin Inn !!!

We went back to a family favorite today-SHATIN INN RESTAURANT!  We used to eat here when we lived in Shatin and every time we came back to visit HK.   Definitely a nice low key place to check out when you're in the neighborhood.  Check it out!

Located off the old Tai Po road under the newly constructed flyovers lies my favorite restaurant in Shatin!

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