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It's finally done!

www.audiotraffic.net   is up and running, including a new blog page, music player and store.

Check it out! (but only after you've spent considerable time on Alive not Dead of course!)

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My new keyboard player..

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Ray Charles!

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Latest bio!

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Don't forget!

Don't forget about all the awesome 'audiotraffic' merchandise available right here in the AnD store!

We've got 3 sexy T- Shirts designed by local Illustrator http://www.alivenotdead.com/jonathanjaylee

'Graffiti', 'Roof Top Girl' and just for the ladies 'Mermaid'. (Storm Trooper helmet not included, its mine)

Read more

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Bass and Festival!!!

Audiotraffic is in search of a talented, committed and like minded bass player. If you or anyone you know if is interested in trying out, please email us at.... band@audiotraffic.net

Other news...

Our next show is at.....

CWS Rockraiser Festival

April 25thOutdoor podium, Cyberport Read more

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Journey Journey Journey

Yeah... The last blog I wrote half a awake...

Damnit!  We are opening for Journey!!!!

Have you even seen their CV??? 

(Wiki of Journey HERE)

Wow! I hope Audiotraffic can have a CV like that... so far we've opened for Mansun, Rialto and Read more

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It has been a year!!!

It's actually been a whole year since the album was been released?  Crazy!

We realized this at our recent interview on Radio Da Da...


Thanks to Calvin Wong and Eric Piece...Read more

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New From Audiotraffic...

New Audiotraffic T Shirts Available

Click HERE to go to the Audiotraffic Store ...<a href=Read more

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Hong Kong
April 10, 2007