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It's finally done!   is up and running, including a new blog page, music player and store.

Check it out! (but only after you've spent considerable time on Alive not Dead of course!)

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My new keyboard player..

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Ray Charles!

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Don't forget!

Don't forget about all the awesome 'audiotraffic' merchandise available right here in the AnD store!

We've got 3 sexy T- Shirts designed by local Illustrator

'Graffiti', 'Roof Top Girl' and just for the ladies 'Mermaid'. (Storm Trooper helmet not included, its mine)


There is also ofcourse our current album 'audiotraffic' available here. Also usefull as a stylish coaster or scoop for your cats litter box....


And a very Happy b day to Alive not Dead... had a great time last sat!




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Bass and Festival!!!

Audiotraffic is in search of a talented, committed and like minded bass player. If you or anyone you know if is interested in trying out, please email us at....

Other news...

Our next show is at.....

CWS Rockraiser Festival

April 25thOutdoor podium, Cyberport

Line up: New Pants (Beijing), Forever Tarkovsky Club (My Little Airport + Pixel Toy),Josie Ho, Queen Sea Big Shark, The Love Song, Jing Wong,Audiotraffic, Hei Wong, Modern Children + many more TBC  

There are children in need so please come support this event!

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Journey Journey Journey

Yeah... The last blog I wrote half a awake...

Damnit!  We are opening for Journey!!!!

Have you even seen their CV??? 

(Wiki of Journey HERE)

Wow! I hope Audiotraffic can have a CV like that... so far we've opened for Mansun, Rialto and The Tears...

Do you even know about the story of Journey's new singer Arnel?

It's nuts!!! It's like a fairytale (as Jun Kung once quoted).... The guy is a super talented singer who got discovered on youtube by the band and then BOOM!  He's now the lead singer of the band he worshiped!!!  The power of the internet man!

Have you heard their latest album... I didn't even know that Arnel recorded the new songs and rerecorded the classics!  That's a lot of work... Props to Arnel and the band!

I hope you guys will come see the show if you can!  It's an opportunity to see a legendary band!

Oh.. yeah and we'll be there too!  Opening with a short set!  Man what an honour!

And you gotta see the smiles of disbelief on Glenn and Ferdie's face when they are on stage... When they first knew ... Glenn thought it was BS and Ferddie thought we were opening for 'Junny'... Waakakakakaka....

Tickets -

Come come come! 


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It has been a year!!!

It's actually been a whole year since the album was been released?  Crazy!

We realized this at our recent interview on Radio Da Da...

Thanks to Calvin Wong and Eric Piece for inviting us.

You have to click on 'Programme Timetable' and then click on 'Underground Battlefield'.

If you listened to the interview... you probably heard about our new bandroom/studio... Yeah, we've been pulling out hairs out trying to get this up and running and we will post pictures soon once it's decent looking enough.  So much shopping... it's a new home practically!

Oh, we got our first review on itunes.. woohoo!

OK some sweet news...

We are opening for

JOURNEY!!!! The show is at the Venetian, Macau on the 20th of March!!!

Get your tickets NOW and come watch us play then watch this legendary classic rock band

with their new singer Arnel Pineda... Dude... THIS guy can sing!

Sounds exactly like the original singer, Steve Perry!

I know Glenn and Ferdie are more excited as they are huge Journey fans and Arnel fans!

Hope you have all been shopping online ( HERE) for our new T-shirts... We are very proud of them!!!

Sorry for not bloggin... It's been a long time...

But this year should be filled with many new adventures so there will definitly be more blogs on the way!


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New From Audiotraffic...

New Audiotraffic T Shirts Available

Click HERE to go to the Audiotraffic Store

By Jonathan Jay Lee

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