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Domo Arigato (Part 1) !!!

Just got back from Japan and Singapore the other day and I'm beat.  It was great being back in Singapore for my dad's show and staying a few extra days to promote my stuff.  I took a bunch of photos so I'll post that stuff soon but in the meantime here's some pics from  my favorite place in the world...Tokyo!  We were there for a few days so here's the first part.  I'll update more stuff in a couple of days....

p.s.....I just realized so many people from alivenotdead were there too.  We should've had a big get together.  Have fun Raffi!

Our first day was freezing and it was raining really bad but that didn't stop us from walking our feet off...

The drink machines out there rock!  They rock so much that they got Tommy Lee Jones to support.

I lived off these noodle shops the whole trip.  You buy a ticket from the vending machine and give your order to the chef for some quick service.  I felt really bad for the chef guy when I broke his machine my first try....

Taco Rice Bowl.......

I'm stoked I didn't get lost on the JR this time. 

Raining cats and dogs in Cats Street!


Obey Giant, London Police, and Neckface representing....

Since it was raining it was a good time to spend some time indoors...like in guitar shops...hehehe.  Nico-Nico Guitars has some really cool vintage guitars and bases to check out. 

But Walkin' in Shibuya just ruled!  They had so many great hollow body guitars it was insane.


Me, myself, and I playing a 1951 Gibson L7 that was soooooo nice.  All their stuff was in great condition but not cheap for sure.  One day I'll go back there a buy a new baby.

Ochanomizu was next on the list with over 20 music stores within several blocks.

Sensory overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This trip was booked way ahead of time to match the week the cherry blossoms were supposed to bloom but since it was so cold we didn't see any except for this one tree on our first day.  Will the trip be wasted?.......

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Photo 67226
dude... i'm so jealous... seriously...dude...
about 16 years ago
ENJOY YOUR TRIP RYAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO ROZY
about 16 years ago
oh...i miss japan so much...really love that place. Food and shopping...simply irresistable. Thanks for sharing!
about 16 years ago
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ha, your version of tokyo is a LOT different than mine... :-D
about 16 years ago
Warrenstuart 51 photo165207785807652946
Welcome back! Lets go Skate soon; did ya check out the flicks I did for Brian? Lets do some.
about 16 years ago
Tommy Lee Jones is BOSS, LOL!
about 16 years ago
Oh, i miss japan!
about 16 years ago
Guitars... More pictures... Please. One reason I don't go to Japan is because I would buy too many guitars. Wait; there's _no such thing_ as too many guitars!!!
about 16 years ago
Glad you enjoyed the trip... i wanna go to japan too !!! hehe ... ADI
about 16 years ago


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