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Kozyndan !!!

I've been a huge fan of Kozyndan's artwork for a long time so I was pretty stoked to be able to get one of their pieces from their Giant Robot ( www.giantrobot.com) show last month.  If you haven't seen their stuff before start with their highly detailed panoramas that were also CD covers for Weezer and The Postal Service.  Pretty cool stuff....

| 我長久以來都是Kozyndan 藝術作品的大粉絲,上個月從他們在Giant Robot( www.giantrobot.com) 舉辦的秀上得到一件作品感到非常滿足。如果你還沒看過他們的作品,就從他們為Weezer和”郵政服務”設計的CD封面開始吧,作品非常細膩。相當酷…

This is the piece that was used for Weezer's "The Lion and the Witch" CD cover.

| 這是為Weezer”獅子和女巫”CD封面的設計

I love the anime feel in this robot monster battle.

| 我喜歡這副猩猩大戰機器人的動感

The Postal Service "the district sleeps alone tonight" art. 

| 郵政服務”不同區不同眠”作品

Any recording musician can appreciate this one...

| 錄音師都會愛這幅…

"Embrace" with a bunny fish...

| 與兔子魚的“擁抱”…

This was their piece at the Giant Robot's GR2 store in LA.  All woodcut pieces of their bunny fishes.

| 這是他們在Giant Robot洛杉磯GR2商店的部分作品,很多木刻兔子魚。

My bunny fish happily swims in my office...

| 我的兔子魚在我辦公室自在悠遊…

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Ericnakamura 18 ericnakamura
oh shit! thanks much. amazing.
about 16 years ago


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