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my Oct 31st!

hey every one must apologise for being away from the site and have been out of it since my trip back to LA.

things in taiwan have been going very slow and things in life just keep taking a shit on me...

but what ever F the haters and live to the fullest with friends and loved ones!


so i will still be stealing the pictures from justice and annie from my trip back to La and write or post them... which ever i get around to.

and for my 31st. lets see... oh yeah night b4 drama with some friends. after getting...Read more

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Peter Chu

my grandfather passd today  at 718am 9/25/08


i was right by his side to care for him at his last moments. i must say he was in pain at first and my mom gave him some morphine and he settled down. and he was having trouble breathing and i helped him with oxygen mask then he got better. after a hour he calmed down and was resting. he opend his eyes and looked up and i was holding his hand talking to him, he gave a caugh of blood. and i yelled for everyone to come and that is when his loungs died out and his heart pules begin to beat...Read more

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Unexpected trip back Home....


so i arrived lastnight around 950pm at LAX came out with my uncle.

on friday during one of my shoots i get a call just as i finish shooting. my uncle tells me do i have anymore jobs this weekend or week to come? and i was wondering why would he be asking this? its out of the norm... so i started to suspect what it could be, and thought right when he said it. my grandfather...  he told me things failed with the radiation treatment and he wasnt looking to good. he said that my grandfather mayneed to go operate on...Read more

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So the day of the Gucci show i was one of the few lucky models to be selected to shoot with the media in taiwan. and i was able to get some really good tears.

im sorry that the color is a bit off, ill blame the SCANNER for that =P

but if you want you can pick up this weeks issue of the " Ming Pao Weekly, Taiwan"and the pictures will be in there as well. =]

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One Room Seven Nights - (Warning There is Nudity in this one)


Must say that this was my First Job i had in HK when i arrived in may. and who would you guess i got to work with? none other than the best here in HK!

Photography by Wing Shya

Styling by Sean K

and last but not least...

Makeup by Alvin Goh

must say that i had no clue who any one was back then... only person i knew at the time was sean. but it was great working with every one and it was also my first ...Read more

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Got home really early from room18.... got in bed around 7am.... this morning... HAHA and woke up late for my casting =X well i didnt really wake up late. my booker told me 2,30. so i got there at 230. but i guess thats when i was suposta be at the casting.... =/

oh well things are still good.

had alot of fun lastnight. danced the night away... all my friends thought i was crzy coz i was dancing so much... and well i guess i was getting looks from quite a few ppl. over on the house side i was dancing bymyself to the elctro and these girl...Read more

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Men's Uno Fashion Shoot

so here we go... first fashion shoot i ever done... i must say it was alot of fun getting to wear these kick ass brands and do all these crazy posing.


the quality is a bitbad coz i had to scan them in.... but i did my best to fix the color...... =P




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Lastnights Gucci Show

could not had gone anybetter! =]

must say sorry first that i dont have much pictures of me rocking the collection as they would fine us for doing so... lol so i just thought ehhh ill try and find the pix on line later... but what i was wearing was truley bad ass....

looked like i came right out of the pirates movie... haha

...Read more
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Paul Smith

Wow so a friend of mine showed me these pictures from a fashion show i did last year in thailand for paul smith.

haha was a interesting show... as there was no stage... and it was held at the old kings palace. there was also like big art peices that we would walk to and forth and the whole time the show was going on in was a crowd there during the art exhibition. so yeah... it was crowded... and some of the ppl didnt know they were in the way... i kinda just kept on truckin... through them that is.... ha


well ill try and ...Read more

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Daniel's lastnight in Taiwan


Hey so lastnight i was out with my friend henry, went on a quest to find the best beef noodle soup in taiwan and yes i have found it... forget the name of the place but its in xiemending area.

i must say its everything i would have immagined it to be... the soup was nice and tastey, the noodles nice and soft, but not tooo soft... id say just right =] and then.... the BEEF! wow i must say for the price they gave the best meat! no fat, no jing none of that stuff... just good ol Beef! had to say it was da bomb!...Read more

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