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A Splendid Surprise

 hmmm how to start this one....? well okay earlier in the week i had done a sony ericson tvc casting and i got a second call back yesterday. all hope to say things went really well and i hope i only get the job now =] "keep fingers Crossed" everybody! so after that i go with my friend to chinatown just to walk around and look. and i buy a watermelon juice from a fruit stand... and omg it tasted so REFRESHING for the first big gulp... because man its a hot humid closed in kinda place... chinatown is... and then we keep talking lo...Read more

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China town ThugStas

So yeah, about one week ago, my manger and I just finish eating at the yum cha place in Chinatown, and its like 9.30pm. We were walking out to find a cab and he had his camera and was snapping at interesting things. As I flag down a cab, I got in and told him to hurry up while he was taking a picture of a bike that was knocked over. While jumping in, he tried to get 2 more shots.

Next thing I realize, there were two guys staring and pointing at us. And I thought to myself ... Hmm, that guy seems pissed for some reason. LOL. And ab...Read more

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shoot for loreal

HAHA man such a great picture, cant wait to get it in the papers.

but yeah its not for the make up... its for the hair styling wax =]

also got to keepa free thingy of wax! yay! =D

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Chinese new years...


the internet went out... for 6days... no internet.... no castings.... nothing to do at all....

went to the beach a few times, and for the country being so clean, the beaches are not thebest besches here... but yeah i got one job today for a editorial and the internet is working again. hope to move into the city soon, other wise i dont know what id do... ill die... i spend to much time playing video games on my computer... need human contact O.o


im sending out an SOS.... sending out...

 <...Read more

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so yeah, i guess i did die after the last blog i put up... haha

my computer ended up dead  for a while so i was compless... =[ i left bangkok dec 11, had to rush back to my family. father was in surgery and my grandmother also fell and broke her hip... and it was really hard position for me to be in. stay and work. or go home... duhh so i was home for a month n half taking care of the fam. and it was also good to just be back for christmas also.

i just bought my self a new laptop and it kicks ass.... i spend most time playing video ...Read more

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Now im Back on AND!

but for how long????

well ive been away ppl because there was simply not enought time what so ever for me to post anything at all! also the fact of me being super lazy!!! and i am also sick... but dont get me wrong! its the good kind of sick... specialy when you are making that money ;]

dollar dollar bill yall!

but yeah i do feel sick as a dog... haha some one come take care of me?

most jobs in one week of oct... 5! ...Read more

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this sucks....!

shit okay i hate this... every time i write my damn blog... and its a good long one... then some how And gets Refreshed... and i lose it all!!!!

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Bangkok Fashion week

LOL i Missed The Castings...

400 models casted from 3pm-6pm... with over 40 designers...

what the hell... how i missed this you may ask?

well i was at another casting for a print job... where it took some time to get to, and once i got there they didnt put make up on me or do my hair or give me anything to change into but just had me go take the pictures... so i thought fuck... im not going to get this job because dont seem like they give a shit at all... so as soon as possible we took off to the castings and ende...Read more

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haha sooo the isuzu TVC i shot finally came out today... and man for all the work for 2days... and 4guys, in a 15second tvc... well lets just say its not the greatest... atleast i have more cam time then the other 3guys, hell i mean 2 of them wernt even in it basicly....

but what comes down to what is i gues long as the models get paid?

or would you rather be seen???

thats the hard part when it comes down to being a fashion model or a commercial model...  where is the fame at? and where is the money at?

im stuck inbetwee...Read more

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First TVC in Thailand

Hey every one, just wanted to post up one of my first TVCs in bangkok. have a few more but dont have a hold of any yet.


anyways... haha hope you like it.


Video: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=14963950

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