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Get that Party Girl

haha thought this was a good song and its catchy.

they also have a house remix. but i think this one is way better ;]

keeping it OLD SCHOOL !

because its Rick James BITCH!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDbpzjbXUZI&feature=fvst

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Back in Taipei!

AND does it feel good =]

well minus the fact that more than half of my friends are down in kending for spring scream... but besides that its alot of good family time and still eating that good foods. ;]

its my cousins first time here so been taking him out to the sites and eats. so have been back for 3days now and lastnight was the first night we went out. the clubs were lacking something but my guess was like 50% of the people down south... lol so maybe it will be better when they get back. gota show my big bro a good time in...Read more

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Boy is it COLD HERE! =X

really cold this time of year infact.... well its the only time i ever been around. lol

today we went to the big famous temple in suzhou i dont know the name of it... "chong yuan si" temple. i think thats the name. but yeah it holds the worlds largest brass buda. the building that it was in was 5stories high. and the view of the lake was so beautiful. its my second time there. went last year for the first. this time we went for a release and was accompanied by two of the masters there and had a big lunch with ...Read more

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China here I COME! oh and Taiwan. =]

haha yup im finally heading back to asia again. gota say i miss it alot. abit confused on what to pack being its still cold in SuZhou and then its goin to be hot in Taiwan. =/ gota leave to the airport at 8am. and thats not to long away... lol have not finished packing yet.... ehh but for all of you who know me by now... yeah thats my style... last min pack and go. gota spend as much time as you can with the loved ones and friends, thats what i say. =]

but yeah ill only be in china for about 5days. will be in suzh...Read more

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Pay attention to the Road!

the link to the video is on FB. and its about what happens when people dont pay attention while driving....

really sad...

Video: http://http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1203500341783&ref=nf

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Happy St.Patty's! today... Every one gets to be Irish!

Hey AnD so how is every doing on this fine day we have here in cali?? hope the weather has cleared up for every one on the east coast. and as for the peeps across the world hope they had a great time last night!

so tonight will be the first St.Patty's day that ill be spending back in the US after 3years now. and i am very excited also that im not working tonight! ^.^ haha so i do plan to get drunk... but i been getting way outa shape these past months. and i told my self i really need to ...Read more

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Drama At Work

so im a bartender at this thai place i work at. and for evenings especially thurs-sat happy hour from 10-closing can get pretty crazy.

anyways... its normal about once a week some sorta drama or fight breaks out at work. but today was thursday. and it kinda started early.

this dude who i saw earlyer in the night acting kinda shady i didnt think to much but still had him in mind. few hours later i see him sneaking out with a bottle of belvidere. and i saw him trying to be sneaky. and this fucking idiot not knowing how tight we ar...Read more

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For you guys who dont know what EBM stands for it is, EPIC BEARD MAN.


dont know if anyone else has seen the video on youtube but its blowing up. happend on the 16th on the AC transit buss in okland.

old viet nam vet gets into a miss understanding with a blk guy on the buss... and then basicly... well... you be the judge. haha

all in all, the blk guy was a convicted criminal who broke his parole also and right after went back to jail. lol

also take note of the person filming it...

now i wont post al...Read more

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wow... a half year later.

Hey AnD, it has been a long time. life back home seems to be more simple but yet busy with work along with old friends. lost my self and kinda drifted away from the AnD community. hard to stay in tact when your not in contact with many of the people personally anymore since im back in LA.

well just a update with what i been doing. well work. im working as a mixologist now and indeed love it alots. =] and with doing so i bought my baby that i have now, so thats a big part why im not on line much anymore.  =P

but not ...Read more

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Mellow Out....

Its Been a While...

keeping it short and sweet. will have big updates soon to come. =]

Hi... now Relax to some of these vocal chords


Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dkaAjqoLJw

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