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my Oct 31st!

hey every one must apologise for being away from the site and have been out of it since my trip back to LA.

things in taiwan have been going very slow and things in life just keep taking a shit on me...

but what ever F the haters and live to the fullest with friends and loved ones!


so i will still be stealing the pictures from justice and annie from my trip back to La and write or post them... which ever i get around to.

and for my 31st. lets see... oh yeah night b4 drama with some friends. after getting things settled there things got back to normal a bit... besides the part of me having to wake up at 8 for a fitting... wow must say i hate waking up that early but wow there finally is a job! so i have a job, things are looking up, i hope for the best for this new month to come... as i am starting some acting classes... in chinese.... going to be a challenge forsure. as well Martial arts. and was going to start chinese school as well... but i figure im only here for amonth and a half might as well just save the money for now, unless i land somthing big in the next months to come where i am allowed to stay with work... cough* tv drama.... Cough*  lol

but yeah i guess ppl say im still young... i have loads of time.... just feel as im runing out... and nothing is happening...

so back to my day... i took a 3hour nap after my fitting for my job.wokeup at about 4 and then went to the gym with some friends...talked about or plans for the night... and shit to say there was so much going on in taipei every one ended up every where... and then again every one ended up in 18... well it seemed liked it...

as i started my night preping my costume, i went to the market to pick up some things... at first i had somthing else in my mind but then couldnt find it... so had to make best of what i found. and id say it did quite alright. after getting things set up at home, i was not yet complete! after my friend sabrina finished her shoot she ad her friends came down to pck me up and umm since they had nothing... we went shopping for their costumes as well... lol all 3hours b4 midnight.

so sabrina ends up being sabrina the teenage witch, and her friend,,, i dont know... lol... somthing very last min... a knife... hat and a mask.. lol so now they are done, but i am still missing some tiems... cant find them anywhere coz all teh shops are closing up... so then we deside to hit the nightmarket.. grabbed a quick dinner, and found everything i needed.... alarm clock, and a plastic toy gun... lol and we then rush to cocky and im in the back room busting out the ducktape and gettingto work!

and this is what i got..... tada! home made.... =]

CT vs T.... i think either way i win right? lol

me, jeffry, umm sabrinas sister... (forgether name) sabrina, ken her brother

there is our last min costume friend. haha

this oil tycoon....

as you can see we are close.... haha

my friends alisa and karen only few models left in taiwan...

sabrina and i

umm dont ask... had a verrry bad itch.... and was not to happy about it! =X

Hijacked a Cab =]

Then got caught for it =[

getting crunked... yes im behind the bar... lol

meow... catwoman?

wont believe who i raninto... osama bin laden's chinese cousin.... they do look alike, just cant see to well coz of the poor quality of the shot... some reason he was happy to see me...

and here we have a old school Mario and Riddler

one thing i noticed... there was quite alot of terrorist dressed and about... well okay... id say i was the only lets say "extremist" and alot of other people just dressed up as Arabics... With guns.....


well happy halloween all... hope you enjoyed the pictures... wish i got to take more pictures of other ppls costumes but not to many ppl dressed up in taiwan. eh what ever...

ABC pride =]

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Photo 37580
haha tight. Dont think I saw any terrorists in SD...the cops mighta shot anyone wearing the costumes before I got outside though heh. There were a few sarah palin costumes though...sadly. And your friend with the hat and mask...looks like hi ho silver or whatever that show was called back in the day with tanto heh.
almost 13 years ago
Photo 191254
Haha,your party seemed to be better than us. Happy to see you again,nice guy!
almost 13 years ago
Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
Haha awesome costume!! Wish you coulda made to the AnD party in HK!
almost 13 years ago
Photo 37580
Ms. S - Yeah yeah yeah thats it. Hi hoe silver (cheaper than a hi hoe gold at least) The Looooooone Ranger...or something...I dunno...I think I need food...
almost 13 years ago
Photo 38281
Lol indeed it did get abit hot at times... and it was a bitch attimes when the alarm clock would not go off... but then a friend hit it with a beer bottle and it went off and then it was fixed! then at random times at the night when id come up to ppl it would just go off... so i thought it made a good approach to ppl =]
almost 13 years ago
Photo 52524
wow..i know alisa too,,she is my roomate when i was in taipei
almost 13 years ago


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