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Peter Chu

my grandfather passd today  at 718am 9/25/08


i was right by his side to care for him at his last moments. i must say he was in pain at first and my mom gave him some morphine and he settled down. and he was having trouble breathing and i helped him with oxygen mask then he got better. after a hour he calmed down and was resting. he opend his eyes and looked up and i was holding his hand talking to him, he gave a caugh of blood. and i yelled for everyone to come and that is when his loungs died out and his heart pules begin to beat ever faster because of its cut of from oxygen. and during all thishis wife runs to go get towels to clean him up worrying and i told my mom and she told his wife that he has passed. and that was kinda how it happend. really hard not to cry. but i am able to be strong for him. today i remember my fathers dad as well. the looks of the elderly lovedones when they pass. but only to a life of no more suffering.


today i have seen a first for alot of things, two of the most strongest ppl i know. break down and cry... my uncle and my mother, any my aunti who is usually the more soft hearted was able to stay strong and not cry. she did shead tears ofcourse. but i must say i have come to realise my grandfather so much and how much i love him. he doesnt want us to suffer as well so me crying would be the last thing he would want to. it was stil difficult to pray there by his body as i would pray it would seem that his chest was rising like he would be berathing... so i would have the doubt in my mind still to stop praying and look even closer to see if it was just my eyes playing tricks on me... maybe coz i just wish and would hope he was still breathing... but after hours of meditation his body was able to rest and his mouth slowly shut, as his spirit left his body. the master came and we did our richuals and set off our grandfather. little after that the people from the morgue come to take my grandfather away.


after my older cousin she takes my brother, little cousin and i out for dinner. just the 4 of us kids who were here. it was good to be out abit, talk about what yeye would always say to us when we were being to loud.... "Dont WalaWala" he would say... and it would always crack us up... cuz he never wanted to yell at us and say shut up. and a very funy and gental person he was. from the age of only 17 he was a spy for the Republic of China during WWII and along in the Cival war. after all the chaose he was forced to flee to taiwan. leaving  my grand mother, mother, aunti, and uncle behind to escape exicution. not untill after 12 years they were able to reunite as a whole family once again. from hard times being my grandfather has lived a happy life, he came to America and study english to soon enough become a US citizen and changed his name to Peter Chu. as sick as he was due to the cancer... he was a fighter... and wanted to live, life in deed was beautiful. i am glad i made it back to see him and be by his side these past few days... as i am the last grandchild he did not get to see yet and also the closest to him. i thank him for waiting just that much longer for me to be by his side.


as a child at the age of two my grandfather was the one who took me to our home town in xu zhou china for the first time. and since then i have never been to china. and now i will acompany him back home once more to see him off, again.


i could write a whole book on my grandfather but dont feel the need of that for you all. thank you all for our prayers and best wishes, and sory i have not replyed to anyone really. just thanks every body.

really mean it.



my mother and grandfather


His wife and him at my brothers HS graduation

Xmas 07

Xmas 07 with the kids(minus two cuz they were late for dinner!) mom and aunti


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it's probably not much of a consolation but pls know this: he's moved on to a better place and you were there to send him off
about 13 years ago
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God bless your grandpa~
about 13 years ago
as I said buddy you were there to say goodbye and that's all that matters. His death was not tragic nor unneccessary and he got the true gift in life, a long good one. Take care and talk to you soon.
about 13 years ago
Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
Sorry to hear about your grandpa. He sounded like a cool, gentle, old dude. And it sounds like you have a close family too. My condolences to you and your family.
about 13 years ago
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hey dear, i have not been on the site for a couple of days. I am sorry to hear what happened. You should have called and let me know! I know you will be strong and help take care of what you can with the family matters. We both lost our loved one this year...... Just be strong ok? And we should be in touch soon. p.s i didnt get your email. and i missed your IM coz i was sleeping.. sry. ok love, please pass my condolences to your mom and dad and the family ok? much love me
about 13 years ago
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I'm so sorry to hear.... My condolences to you and your family. I hope you can take comfort in all the wonderful memories that you have of your grandfather. And you were able to be by his side.
about 13 years ago
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I'm so sorry to hear.... My condolences to you and your family. I hope you can take comfort in all the wonderful memories that you have of your grandfather. And you were able to be by his side.
about 13 years ago
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again just wanted to say thanks every one. yesterday was the funeral and cremation. i was strong will always have happy memories about him and he still lives on to this day. still a sad feeling to say good bye, but only to find him again some day. but it looks like i wont be joining my family to bring the ashes back to china. my taiwan work documents arnt ready yet =[ so ill be in LA untill the 13th. thanks again everyone. hope can meet up with a few of ya while im out here in LA
about 13 years ago
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quinn,im so sorry for ur lost and hope you feel better soon miss ya *hugs*
about 13 years ago
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I Did Not Die Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow; I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain; I am the gentle Autumn’s rain. When you awaken in the morning’s hush. I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft star that shines at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there; I did not die. - Anon -
about 13 years ago
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LOL yeah home town in xuzou but grew up and lived in shanghai b4 the war when he fled to taiwan, and then after like 30years or so went back to shanghai. so wow i thought it was only my grandfather that said that.... so a whole city of old ppl say it.... haha thanks bob. and also wanted to say thanks to everyone else for their wishes.
almost 13 years ago


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