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Lastnights Gucci Show

could not had gone anybetter! =]

must say sorry first that i dont have much pictures of me rocking the collection as they would fine us for doing so... lol so i just thought ehhh ill try and find the pix on line later... but what i was wearing was truley bad ass....

looked like i came right out of the pirates movie... haha

 reminder this is not me, this is what i wore

so to start i had my fitting on thursday and it went by fast... thank god fittings here are not like in bkk. but i heard they could be some times. so i was lucky. for the show they flew in models from hk, and they did the shows from hk, to shanghai, and final taiwan. really luck for them... getting a job that paysfor their trip and food hotel etc...  and even spending cash... how great is that?! lol

but yeah after the fitting i thought id go say hi to my friend who works at the D&G in the 101, and then once m there she tells me my friend carolline from hk was upstairs at the dolce store holding their show room, n i was like oh shit really? haha and then i ran up to go see her coz its been a while since i last saw her, if i were to guess id say late june, had to thank her again coz she was the one who got me my whole d&g gear for manhunt in korea. so then she invited me along fordinner with them and i came and it was good to catch up with her. also she introduced me toher friends who are event and show productions here in taiwan, so would be good to know them.

moving on.... so the day of the show... they wanted us to be wearing tighty whiteys and i dont own a pair of white underwear at all so i ended up rushing off to watsons to buy a pair. then i get to the location with out wasting anytime they toss me into make up and with in the first hour there i got my make up and hair done.... and they had some hardcore eye liner on... and it was killing me... so after that, i ended up sitting around for like 10hours, b4 the show even started. but we did dothe rehersal and i was choosen to shoot with the press media for the newspaper. i got the photogs email so i hope can get some pictures from him. =]

i and sam, [Ohm ModelManagement right hurrr]

so and finally we were at the point where it was one hour to call time and every one was getting pumped for the show... okay well not everyone... just me n a few friends who had our i pods in... haha all the other girls looked at us like we were crazy... dancing around and wha not... i must say thanks to kiki, if it wasnt for the ipod she gave me as a bday gift. i would have died today... i never had a ipod b4 and never even knew how to use it... up untill the night b4 i was trying to figure it all out.

b4 hair and Makeup...

and yes that is a yakult tower you are looking at... and in the back of another model drinking it... we had pleanty of this stuff... as you can see... haha

so as the show starts im like the last guy to go out, so i basicly got to close the show  for the main part =] then after me they had the evening wear for the women. but it was just a real rush walking out there on that carpet and the lights blasting in your face... haha your pretty blind once your out there... cant see much especially when you have our blinders on. i mean at points while i was walking my eyes would go blur coz of how dry they got... haha but i must say on the way back was the best when i got to check my self out in the huge gucci mirror looked real bad ass... haha

after the show, but the mirror i be talking about. =]

so after the show we got changed and wen out to the after party took pictures and had alot of ppl coming up to us to take pictures and there was alot of bubbely so i was drunk and dancing my ass off by the time we left and walked to mint... and mint is a real small club so it was just even more crazy in there... every body was dancing and i was just soaked in my sweat afterwards. but it was prolly the best night i had here in taiwan. most fun ever.

well i have two more shows comming up for gucci in taizhong and gaoshong. so it willbe cool getting to travel to the other cities in taiwan.

so ill be posting up some pix. and if i can find the ones from the press ill update that as well =]

yeah this was at mint. around 2 or so... as you can see i am pretty drunk... and my shirt made its way off of me... i remember it was some one else who took it off... lol but another reminder... the afterparty at gucci started at 11... so i been drinkig since! =P

and yeah it was really hot!....

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Photo 37580
Looks like a fun show, and you look pretty good with the curly hair heh.
about 13 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
That's more eyeliner than I wear, and I usually go heavy-handed on it cause my eyes are deep set. So, are they bringing back big hair that you guys have a bit of wave going on? It has a bit of an 80s retro look. You weren't even born then. If you want something to scare you, look at pics of people your age from 1982 to about 1988. Those were the days. I still remember my dayglow leopard print shirt from London, my short boots (a la go-go boots--just like the ones I wore when I was a kid in the mid-1960s) with my pink mini skirt, my stacked hair, purple lip stick, eye shadow that glowed in the dark (literally), earrings the size of dessert plates. Yeah, dressing was a real creative adventure in those day, and this was before the designers picked up the street vibe, so you made it up yourself, mostly with junk you picked up at the thrift store (decades before vintage became cool). It was a very creative time fashionwise, and the designers had nothing to do with it. It was definitely a "power to the people" moment, especially if you were between the ages of 18 and 30. Oh, and spandex, have I mentioned spandex....:-)
about 13 years ago
Photo 83304
Ha!!!! You should just keep wearing eyeliner!!!!
about 13 years ago
Photo 38281
lol not really all the time... and i thought the hair and make up was a nice change of look so i decided to go party with it all on still =P untill it was about 6am at swensens i tryed to get the makeup off me with the moist napkins there and my face broke out! lol ughh time to buy makeup remover.... i guess even guys should pack some being in this line of work.
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about 13 years ago


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