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Daniel's lastnight in Taiwan


Hey so lastnight i was out with my friend henry, went on a quest to find the best beef noodle soup in taiwan and yes i have found it... forget the name of the place but its in xiemending area.

i must say its everything i would have immagined it to be... the soup was nice and tastey, the noodles nice and soft, but not tooo soft... id say just right =] and then.... the BEEF! wow i must say for the price they gave the best meat! no fat, no jing none of that stuff... just good ol Beef! had to say it was da bomb!

so yeah then to go on with the night, i thought hey... antonio and daniel are leaving soon right? on the 17th we thought. so we called up antonio and what do you know... they were finishing up voice over for the filmand hadfinish all their shooting in taiwan. so its their lastnight in taiwan. and just so happen to be daniels second night out since he hasbeen here shooting. so we went to a local bar i gues they knew the owner and the people. and alot of ppl from the production went. so it was a small crowded upstairs bar withrock music playing and smoke everywhere... was about 29c with all the ppl in there sharing the air  between two AC machines... i spent most my time in the direction of the wind blowing from the ac... i mean it was just wy too hot for me... so every one chilled it was good to see friends from hk as well and they also seemed happy and yet tired that they had to be atthe airport at 8am... haha so the night was called in at around 3 when daniel decided to go back home to sleep. so soory to say i did not bring my cam as i did not know it was their lastnight in taiwan. wish had time to go check out him work on set. would be cool to see him in action.

as for that... thats that folks... had a good time chillin, first night out in week or so. and tonight i went to go watch batman again... for the second time, but this time in imax =]

must say... i love the joker...

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thats why i never leave home w/o my camera! never know when something worth shooting may happen!
about 13 years ago
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wow! everytime i'm in taiwan i am on the hunt for the best beef noodle soup shop. i found one behind some hospital in taipei with amazing tomato beef noodle soup!! i was in love for about two months and then had to end it since i was leaving =( and how did you find a bar with rock music!? that is amazing!!! usually its all hip hop and dance. i want to know where i can find some good ac/dc in taipei
about 13 years ago
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Daniel Henny??? He is my boyfriend!!!!!
about 13 years ago
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ummm.... no.... Daniel Wu.... lol.... wtf.... henney... haha he is a korean star why the hell he be in taiwan?
about 13 years ago


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