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Drama At Work

so im a bartender at this thai place i work at. and for evenings especially thurs-sat happy hour from 10-closing can get pretty crazy.

anyways... its normal about once a week some sorta drama or fight breaks out at work. but today was thursday. and it kinda started early.

this dude who i saw earlyer in the night acting kinda shady i didnt think to much but still had him in mind. few hours later i see him sneaking out with a bottle of belvidere. and i saw him trying to be sneaky. and this fucking idiot not knowing how tight we are with some close customers i saw him walking past my bar and i shouted it out to my hommie who is the owner and then he runs off chasing that guy along with 7 other friends at the bar just chilling. and i also take off after him but having to run around the bar i was the last one out the door. so by the time i get out side they are all gone, and i see his friends and i talk to them asking if they saw where he went and why he stole shit from us. and he said that he saw him but didnt see shit with him just he was running. basicly he knewwhats up and was covering for him. then as i finish talking to that guy i see the suspect run across in front of me, then i run after him and he saw me and he was cornered and he got scared and tripped up, and thats when i catch him in a fucking guitine choke hold and pulled him down to the ground. Even heard his head hit the pavement... lol after i caught the guy i knew i had him locked down. but what i was most worried was about other ppl jumping in. because in Bjj they teach you how to OWN ppl 1v1... but if its more then 1 other guy and im on the ground im basically fucked... and thats when his fucking friend comes up and I just saw a flash of white and i get hit in the face...

turned out i was kicked in the Face by that guy who i was talking to earlyer... but b4 the suspect ot away. my hommies punched and kicked him a few times pretty good... then we got caught up with that guy who kicked me, and the suspect wasnt running away... but limping away... as my hommies were caught up with the guy who kicked me. one of the buss boys comes out with a fucking samurai sword... LOL

and i held the suspect down and told him what the fuck was he thinking... i saw him he was pretty sorry after that beating... but he said his dad died... and i told him my fucking grandma died. you still dont go around dis respecting like that. then attention from him went to the guy who kicked me and a fight almost broke out there... while the other guy slowly limped away. the ppl tryed to get away in their cars. but while all of it was happening i was on the phone with the sheriffs. the car takes off... 5min after a police helicopter was out looking for them... dono if they got them or not but it was only a matter of time... plates were written down and everything...

so yeah...

wow.... didnt make shit for tips to night because i was busy dealing wit that bullshit out side.and i also got a shiner to the right eye... small one though. not to bad i would say...

indeed time to drink if you ask me... haha

Cheers everyone !

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Bartender come Bouncer! Sounds like stuff outta the news/movies,,,,,,glad your OK and they got what they deserved! But be careful dude, don't know what can happen sometimes??? Seen a lot of rough stuff in the UK sometimes really not worth the hassle ;)
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