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Happy St.Patty's! today... Every one gets to be Irish!

Hey AnD so how is every doing on this fine day we have here in cali?? hope the weather has cleared up for every one on the east coast. and as for the peeps across the world hope they had a great time last night!

so tonight will be the first St.Patty's day that ill be spending back in the US after 3years now. and i am very excited also that im not working tonight! ^.^ haha so i do plan to get drunk... but i been getting way outa shape these past months. and i told my self i really need to start working out before my trip back to asia. ughh.

so here is to my last night of not working out! lol

and hope every one tonight will have a good time and be smart and safe!


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpOoPQ6JmbM&feature=related

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LOL omg so lastnight did end up getting a bit rowdy. and for me.... ugh of course i am irish, and i had alot of black and tans and alot of green beer last night... so i was abit more obnoctious than normal... LOl... and a fight almost broke out with one mexican guy who tryed to start shit with the owner who is my boss. and then what that guy didnt know the whole lot of us was in there against him. but yeah i instigated the hell out of it.... lol. it was funny coz he was leaving and while he walked off i just kinda made fun of him and imitated him saying "Im so Bad ass, let me take off my shirt so i can BladaBlada Blada" and he comes back to my friend saying what the f did you say behind my back?! and lmfao... get this... i told him it wasnt my friend it was me. and he was like say it to my face what did you say.?! and i told him i said BladaBladaBlada. and then there was a moment where he was really confused and didnt know how to react to that.... lmfao then his friend came to pull him away. wow HAPPY ST PATTYS DAY! wooo....! and yes miss S i gota hit the gym in a bit now... but damn beer gives me such a big headache the next morning. =x
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well..atleast I'm not the only one getting out of shape. And prolly be yell at once my mrg sees me lol. But oh well. I have work this whole weekend just when u come home and unpack only to get back to packing up again. Sad part is I'm sick with the cold and the only thing they say is u have to go. ready? Yup, as I'll ever be. Now I'm sure they will have me working out at the gym at the hotel lol. Well atleast I know a couple of shots will cure this sore throat. lol After partys here I come! LMAO
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