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China here I COME! oh and Taiwan. =]

haha yup im finally heading back to asia again. gota say i miss it alot. abit confused on what to pack being its still cold in SuZhou and then its goin to be hot in Taiwan. =/ gota leave to the airport at 8am. and thats not to long away... lol have not finished packing yet.... ehh but for all of you who know me by now... yeah thats my style... last min pack and go. gota spend as much time as you can with the loved ones and friends, thats what i say. =]

but yeah ill only be in china for about 5days. will be in suzhou for my grandmothers funeral and also to pay respects to my grandfather. id like to try and find a day to come up to shanghai. but dont know if ill have time or not. maybe on my last day? but as for taiwan, ill be there for about a month. will be doing some cocktail training. and will be learning alot of high-end stuff. so im excited forsure! lol anybody order a 30$ cocktail??? hmmmm. haha. well also taiwan will be too much fun because i will have friends from hk, sg, and japan, coming down to visit as well. =]

oh wait i forgot the most important thing! my big cousin he going with me as well. and its his first time in asia ever! so ill be showing him a good time and taking him around in taiwan. haha eating that good food, doing that shopping, and forsure partying it up! haha

mmm foood....... haha

okay well hope all is well and update soon.

so make like a Tree and Leave!

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Hate you...hehe have fun. Let me know when you get back.
over 11 years ago
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omg... lol that was the longest flight ever! with no on flight entertainment! omg... it was GG game over for me... China Eastern is soooo shitty..... ugh... and it was a real cramped flight. but what ya know i made it here in one piece... i think i wrote on another blog about China Easter when i flew to SH last year around this time... lol it wasnt pretty. so now im in suzhou and the sun is out and its beautiful! but lastnight when we arrived omg it was in the mid 40s. also not use to the alive.tom.com website layout. abit confusing and cant really find things. haha and omg even worse!!! no FB!!!!! O.O
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I'll keep messaging you on facebook...so when you get back you'll have spam everywhere haha.
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