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Boy is it COLD HERE! =X

really cold this time of year infact.... well its the only time i ever been around. lol

today we went to the big famous temple in suzhou i dont know the name of it... "chong yuan si" temple. i think thats the name. but yeah it holds the worlds largest brass buda. the building that it was in was 5stories high. and the view of the lake was so beautiful. its my second time there. went last year for the first. this time we went for a release and was accompanied by two of the masters there and had a big lunch with them. and omg we ate all vegi but it was SO GOOD! and man i was stuffed.... i did not take to many pix because i didnt have my cam, and i already took tons of pictures from last year.

so after the lunch and a VIP tour of the whole place we got on our way to "guan chien jie" which is i guess the most popular area to go to on the weekends. lots of people, food, stores, and stuff to shop. but the bad part was after 9pm you wont be able to find a cab anywhere near there... we walked up and down a few streets trying to find a cab for a hour! omg and it was sooo COLD! =[

finally this guy pulls up and ask if we needed a ride. and he is what you would call a "Black Cab" meaning illegal taxi... lol i tell you, at this point we didnt really care. what a normal taxi ride woulda cost us 15 uran. we paid 30.

but yes i must say the best part so far of the trip here... is the freaggging 10usd MASSAGES! O.O hahaha its the best ;]

i will try and get some photos up. its been a while since ive uploaded any photos.

"oh mi to fo"

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