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New Job and Grand Opening

Hey every one wanted to share that i got hired at the new Sino restaurant and lounge opening in Santa Monica at the new Santa Monica Place down next to the 3rd st Promenade. so im very excited and on top of that i was suposta be competing in Anual Soju Mix off down in Korea town aug 7th. so i guess this wont be a sure thing anymore due to the conflicting schedule of the grand opening weekend.

any how. if i am amble to compete on the 7th or not, i would like to invite anyone who is around town to come out and check it out. there will also be a lot of food. Korean food that is! sooo korean bbq lovers be ready!

here is the web site for me details. http://www.kacla.org/?p=549&language=en

as for aug6th-7th is the grand opening of Sino Restaurant and Lounge. for any one going to be out in the area friday and saturday night feel free to come down and have a drink or even come down for dinner. =]

here is their web site you can check out.

the cuisine at the restaurant is chinese and dim sum. so i have not personally tasted the food yet. but i think it may be abit on the pricey side... lol ill write a new blog after the 1st when i go in to test the menu. along with the drink menu and cocktails i think they should be priced well.

hope to see some peeps out there. haha



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Photo 37580
Nice I'm gonna have to come visit.
almost 12 years ago
Nice one man! Peace
almost 12 years ago
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next time i'm in Santa Monica! :-P
almost 12 years ago
all the best with it , dude
almost 12 years ago
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thanks, haha yeah for sure when you guys are in town, come on down. =] but yeah just decided i wont be doing the competition. =[ well figured the grand opening weekend is going to be pretty busy and epic. and that is a more long term thing. and down the line there will be more competitions to come.
almost 12 years ago
Liannelin 1d liannelin
hey! things are great here! yup, those pics are from here. hey, one of my friends saw the pic of us on here and said she recognizes you from commercials a while back! =)
almost 12 years ago


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