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Halloween weekend!

been a super busy weekend... man. thurs, fri, sat, sunday. not a night off. but lucky for me work was slow on friday and i was able to go to my friends house party. was cool to see some of the friends and old friends.

gota say this year was not a cheap halloween. damn expensive one for that matter. 60$ for universal horror nights. by far the worse experience ever...5 mazes. and 2 rides... only got to go on 3 mazes and 1 ride? wtf. waited in line for the mazes for like 70-90min and finally to be disapointed in the end.... what made it even worse was while waiting in line i bought a churro and it was stale and cold. so that ticked me off... was going to save it untill i got through the maze but yeah that never happened. ended up holding it in my hand for another 45min till i got sick of holding it. lol

the insult to injury was while waiting in line for the new krusty land ride (old back to the future ride) they had a scene where side show bob was hiding in a cart of yesterdays churros that they were selling... so i was like oh hell no they did not just sell me yesterdays churros... in which they really prolly did do. ugh. to make me even more sad they shut down the chuckie tram ride at like midnight.... wtf.... =[

but the king kong 3d was really sick! for a 10min ride that stays in one place. haha

anywho back to my weekend, i had to work all 3nights. worse part was our work place had a different theme each night so we had to come dressed up as somthing new eachday. so that means $$$$$. and if you all know me i have been growing my hair for some time and its all boiled down to this... My Jedi Costume. hahaha must say i spend alot of money getting the damn thing to me last min but in the end it was worth it. untill my drunk friend at the end of fridaynight ripped it... fml. so yeah friday night's theme at the lounge was Hollywood. so there was alot of people dressed up as movie characters or even actors them self.

Wolf Pack, Jedi, Madonna

Team Obi and Team Jacob?

the white guy in the back is suposta be JT.... lol i know right??? pshhh yeah he is just a BarBack. haha

Bruce From Die Hard

come saturday we have a Ninja Party. so every where you look you will be seeing ninjas all over the place. could not escape us. hahaha gota say this was my favorite costume because it was cheap coz i already had the clothing and i looked different from all the other ninjas. with my jedi costume it was funny when people came up to me and asked what i was.... even though the lightsaber was hanging on my belt... i was like really??? lol

now comes sunday.... monster mash... this was prolly the slowest day of work in the history of working there. lol but still i think i had the sickest mask... can any one guess??? haha =P

i was Freddy. this mask was really good because it was so thin and cheap. i made it look so legit i ended up sneaking up on alot of the staff and scaring the shit out of them. LOL. with some eye make up. some makeup glue and the mouth of the mask cut open. there yea have it.... game over freaky skin tight facemask where mouth opens and moves when you talk. also you need to talk in a very gritty voice to top it all off and make rude and sexual remarks. lol

so we ended up being so slow.... a friend and i went down to the 3rd st promenade to hand out flyers. where for me this was just a free pass to scare people out on the streets. hahaha

had so many ppl scream and run away from me along with take pictures with me.

gota say ive always wanted to work at knotts scary farm dressed up and scaring people. but that was just as good. these chinese girls were sitting out side having dinner and saw me and wanted to take pictures with me then i started screaming at them in chinese and they freaked out like how does this guy know chinese. hahahaha oh so much fun. =] but i must say after running around with a mask like that on YOU ARE DRENCHED after.

Freddy and Jason haha up yours...

so be it every one got to do their clubbing on friday and saturday and sunday while all the bartenders were working. i must thank kettle one for having a private bartenders halloween bash on Monday at the New Bed Supper Club in Hollywood. tons of fun. choose to dress up as ninjas to that party. but me and my friend were really  hoping that people showed up dressed up because we didnt want to walk down the street in the light and have some douche bags shout out "HEY RETARDS HALLOWEEN WAS YESTERDAY" lol but good thing we saw others dressed up and we were cool once again. ;D

My Ninjahs....

yupyupyup. fun fun fun. =]

gota get my self back into a habit of blogging again. ehhhhhh

okay peeps. till the next one.

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Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
Looks like lots of fun. People were out Sunday nite here in HK, and I saw people going home when I was heading to work.
over 12 years ago
Photo 38281
lol did you say my friend dressed as jacob his ethnicity is black?
over 12 years ago
Photo 53024
LOL..Nice! He even has blood stain on his shoes!!
over 12 years ago
Photo 38281
zoe haha its suposta be bare feet. but obviously cant work behind the bar bare foot. so he got his old slip ons that were like tan color. and he even used coffee for sweat stains on his shirt! lol legit.
over 12 years ago
Photo 80548
I like your costume! :-)
over 12 years ago
Photo 80548
You are such a fun lover! :-)
over 12 years ago
Photo 453287
hehe , zhe zhang Cool !
over 11 years ago


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