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A Dream? or a Movie?!

a crazy detailed dream i just woke up from and felt i just had to write this one down. it seemed so intense that it was just like a crazy chinese action movie... i woke up flipped out not knowing if it was real or a movie!? anyways thought i blog about it =]

starts off partially being my own life. on a cruise shit with my mother and my brother. but it didnt seem like any ship it was a ship on a great scale of proportion almost like the titanic. but we had living quarters which were like our own house or street apartment. and it was pretty much like a bio dome. hah weird. so you would basicly have all sorts of ppl living on this thing felt like to me there was about 20,000-25,000 ppl on the ship.

one day as the ship was out at sea every one is out on the deck enjoying the weather and swimming. out in the distance i notice a think heavy black storm cloud and it just came out of nowhere over the horizon. pouring massive heavy rain down as it nears. while it reaches us im grabing all my belongings left out on the deck to get into cover from the rain and my mother and brother come with me. and then from the corner of my eye somthing catches my attention, a really huge shadow appears and as i look up its a huge tsunami raising the ship up. and as i see that happening every thing kind of turned into the scene of Call of Duty mwf2 when they are escaping from she ship.

so i shout out to my brother to RUN! and my mom standing there still i had to reach for her hand to grab her to start running and while navigating through the ship searching for the escape hatches. running and taking turns down coredoors while the next thing i know is the wave hit us and the whole ship starts to tip and lean forward as it begins to fill with water all i knew is i must not let go of my mom, and with that i just remember my mom telling me where is your brother??? whre is he??? i didnt say anything to her but in the back of my mind i was praying he made it to where we were going. searching for the escape hatches. soon after the water started to fill each of the ships decks and compartments as the ship is sinking from this huge stunami that hit we found the escape pods just in time. a big sigh of relief to my mother and i my brother was right in front of us getting in. the sad thing was there werent many people who made it. due to the layout of the ship most of the people got lost while trying to find their way. as we get seated and strapped it the escape pods reminded me of the arks sort of from 2012 the movie. but more like a round raft like from knotts. so yes... no way what so ever of steering it. out of like 100 seats on the damn thing but only about 25 people were on it. as we all got in just hit the launch button as the plat formed opended up you could see the ocean down there and that moment it felt like a ride it self with a huge ass drop.

after feeling that we were safe and start to see military tanks out in the distance, they were america i told my self. next thing i know i hear chinese over a loud speaker com and the tanks start to fire their machine guns at us and the other escape pods. so then its like oh shit wtf is going on. all you see around us is the water near us flying up and bullets ricocheing all over the place. (in that moment in my dream it felt from the opening scene of enemy at the gates when they were on the fairy going across the river into stallin gradd, didnt have really any control of the direction of our pods though... FML) till finally we were just about to reach the beach shore there was some cover i told every one to get up and head for the beach as im helping my family up dont ask me how but its a dream.... a tank shell hits us and blows me literally away. and there was nothing left of any one from that escape pod. so yes i was the only survivor. just remember in my dream feeling so sad aswell angry with the tank shooting at me still i make a run to cover on the beach. next thing i know more american tanks arrive and i tell me self literally in the dream FML. then with a sigh of HUGE relief the tanks were ACTUAL American tanks engaging the Chinese. then there was a whole all out tank battle going on while im running from cover to cover trying to survive. as i was hiding some how lol a tank snuck up on me and as i turned it had its barrel pointed at me from about 50yards. out of know where i hear a pheesh booom and the tank was hit and did not blow up though. i notice smoke coming out from inside the compartment and this chinese soldier opens the hatch stumbling out and the first person he sees is me while he is still on the ground. and i see this guy hurt but still reaching for his gun. and how fast i ran that 50 yards to get to him i dont know... lol but i was pretty fast in HS for track and field and lol i have no military training what so ever besides that i play alot of video games and trained in Brazilian jiujitsu. i ended up fighting with the guy on the ground till i fianlly caught him into a rear nakid choke and after him struggleing alot he finally went to sleep, for good id say. and then i just passed out from exhaustion.

when i wake up i wake up in a hospital in HK.(lol now you know why im posting this on my blog? btw this will be copyrighted =P) with these suites in front of me. next thing i know they are the CIA and they told me we are in a war with China, and what sunk the ship i was on in the begining was a mass storm created from a weather machine "WMD". (i know what your thinking oh wtf hk is part of china. but in my dream hk broke away from china when the war broke out lol but still being at neutral) so that meaning there was still alot of chinese still in HK, Duh.... but of military cia interest. but some how dont ask me they offer me to come aboard and work for the CIA. i think it was because i was part asian, spoke the language, and also know and have some really good contacts there. "cough... cough... AND" hahaha then in my dream out of no where, i find my self with a team of guys in a small speed boat heading to the kowloon side towards the military base. and on my team there was like a mix of all sorts of guys. a british SAS (you seen the movies, always gota have a guy with an accent), american navy seal (this guys character was like the funny black guy in the group, well the only...) also had a Delta Sniper (he was the country boy with the southern accent, hence the snipers in most these movies all come from a shooting background and alot of kids in the south start shooting at a early age. ahaha) last but not least in the group were these two Chinese brothers that were ABC but ex Chinese Spec-ops (these guys were not fucking around Very serious people)

as we land every thing with the plan seems to have gone into action. the sniper takes up position to cover and spot our entrance and exit, or more or less for our escape. and the two brothers split up from the group to go set charges on and all over the whole place for the secondary objective. while the primary was to hack their computer and get blue prints of the weather machine and to who was the guy who authorized and activated the "WMD". as things carry on in my dream everything was going to plan untill they found out they were being hacked. duh... next thing i know red lights start flashing and sirens started blasting. our sniper friend tells us there is a shit load of soldiers running into the main office building as that happens i only remember we have just become "weapons free" and shots start to unload from the sniper taking down a crap load of people. 1 bullet 1 kill. as we meet at the extraction point, i guess we were suposta steal a helicopterso as we "get to the chopper" lol, the Brit starts hot wiring it. (as i feel they should do in the fucking movies.... how often seriously is the key going to be sitting there for you to just turn it on???) next thing that i notice around us was a lot of soldiers shooting at us and rushing us. but good thing our sniper buddy had us covered. sadly soon after the chinese caught on to his position and planted c4 out side the room he was in. upon entry and the explosion he was already dead. now we finally get the chopper started up and we are taking alot of hits. the Seal guy gets shot and takes one but he is not out with out a fight so he is basicly sitting down now and covering us. and this whole time we are thinking wtf where are the two brothers? we hear them on the com to take off. they come crashing out of the parking structure in a jeep with a machine gun blasting every where as they head for the exit the brother manning the gun gets shot and killed and the one driving noticed the gun not shooting anymore and found his brother dead, shot in the head. in rage he turns the jeep around gets out and starts yelling and shooting at every soldier he sees untill he is pretty much out of ammo finally they have him surrounded, and ordered to surrender. he charges at the chinese soldiers and they open a barrage of fire. GG for him... and this was everything i saw from the chopper as we are flying away... felt really sad.

mission was complete got the intel and everything traced back to HK. some corp was behind it. and now remember this is still my dream lol and this is where it gets all CIA ish and dealing with spys and double agents. this mission was done with an agent already on the inside. i made my entrance via halo drop onto the rooftop of a sky scraper. lol what movie was that from? i forget. but yeah at this point i think ive been awake from my dream for a little bit over a hour and am forgeting some bits and detail. but as i start to navigate down the levels of the building i had to find some office and find some file... yes file as in paper file. and i had to scan and fax it to some other building in hk. dont know why or what it woulda been good for... lol its a dream. so anyways im lead by the inside man to the files and as we are going to the room where i need to use the fax machine i get some one transpond to me that the inside agent was a double agent. secondary objective was to eliminate him if possible. and then i see this super hot chick at the other end of the hall that im standing in. but i mean she is decked out in sexy asian girl spy outfit. but it was a really serious dead lock stare for about a good 5 seconds. and thats when i panicked and my eyes turned to the attention of the room i needed to get in. and thats when it happend we both start a dead on full speed sprint down the hall shooting at each other, and yes its HARD TO SHOOT WHILE RUNNING at Full Speed! i run out of ammo and sad to say i Punched a girl in the face in my dream. (lol only place it would ever happen i hope, i dont hit girls please dont think im a woman hater). so i make it into the  room but just barley the girl is making her way in as im trying to hold the door shut. and i guess i was not alone in the room there was a receptionist there and i gues my dream put her there well just because i felt like i was in a pinch and wasnt going to be able to fax the damn thing my self. haha oh so also get this. on the streets of HK there isa move ment of the people. it was like a resistance thing for people who are pro for breaking apart from china. and then there were the loyalist. which ever crowd it was out side in the streets in my dream. they all had guns dont ask me how but then again its HK people do have money. so if there is a will there is a way. but anyways like i was not busy enough. while im trying to stop this hot spy chick from killing me atthe same time out side these people with guns are having like a fire fight out side and every thing seem to have been getting shot the fuck up. next thing i know i see a gas gun stick in from the crack of the door and right as i grab it and did the jackie chan gun reversal move the trigger was pulled but the gun was already being turned back towards her. but i was smart enough to have hold my breath ;] anyways she slowly faints the door swings open from her falling in, to my arms.... (lol i know right? who writes this stuff?) and her eyes and mine meet again. but with a love at 2nd sight kinda thing. so then i kissed her as there was a really intimate moment the receptionist gets shot through the window right as the fax finished being sent. and that was my que to GTFO. while my escape over my com they told me they found out every thing they needed to know and who was the guy behind it and all that. but in my mind there was a girl back home that i loved and wanted to get back to.

and then BAM! i wake up thinking WTF was i just in a movie? haha i tried to go back to sleep but just couldnt and felt this dream was so damn detailed. i just had to write it down. felt it would make a good blog. one i have not really posted in a Long long time.


lol oh and i think i watch too many movies... so much of this was from other movies....

yeah tried to find a video from Call of duty 4 of the mission where your running in the sinking ship. haha but no luck. =[ oh well

ah nvm found it! =]

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ViOzKFY7uk

oh and please dont steal my dream =P

haha it will be copyrighted  ;D

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sounds like a dream and a half! i didn't make it past the first half page!
about 12 years ago
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haha yeah i didnt expect people to even finish this. was too much inception going on.
about 12 years ago
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Wow..That was a loooooooooooong a$$ dream!! I only made it 1/2 way!! =P
about 12 years ago
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Yay that was the only part of COD4 I ever played heh.
about 12 years ago
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lol very long and id say very detailed as well... was a trip =P i think only 2 people have really finished reading it. hahaha
almost 12 years ago
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haha yeah i have had continuation dreams. its really crazy
almost 12 years ago


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