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A Splash of Paint - Racks


Sleeping wierd hours lately -- Things are moving rapidly and it's all really exciting so I guess it's worth the bags. Outside work  - here are some photos of some friends and events of the past week.

Here is a picture of us earlier on the week at Zuma. The food - awesome. ;) It's probably one of my favorite places to eat in Hong Kong now and if you haven't gone there - Do try it. Oh - try the Crab Rolls - they - are - awesome!


Yesterday was pretty fun as we headed over to check out the Rave Party with the crazy performances by multiple DJs spinning - bumped into a whole bunch of AnD people there and was nice to see everyone having a blast. Here's a silly picture of me, Patrick and Stephen - with uhm... Glowing bracelets? Well - it is a Rave. lol!


Heres a shot of the DJ spinning like mad in all of the crazy lights reflecting into my eyes causing me blindess. Dope.


Today was a pretty fun day as I head to Racks to draw up a wall mural piece for them -- I think it took me an hour or so. Smaller then the Diesel art piece but hmm.. I would say there was alot more work on the detail part. I started at around 9:45pm and ended around 11'ish. It was nice to see some of my really old friends from St.Roberts High School in Toronto and ofcourse always good to see my HK friends as always. Here are some photos from the event -- thanks 2R for passing photos to me!


  Stephen, Rose, Race, Me, Crazy Phil and Raff! I like Rose and Stephen's super heroe pose!


It was nice to see my old High School Friends all together again from St.Roberts High School. I think its been... 16 years since we've all known each other. Here's a picture of me, Sandra, Ian and Chris. It was like a blast from the past! We need Jay Ho here haha.


         Heres a picture of Jian and Rose - love the shirt Rose -- PHIL!! I want one too!! >:D



Ok - so this is what I had to tackle in an hour. Hmm... I didn't really know what to illustrate - I had a general idea and I wanted it to be associated with Racks. Well... Here goes nothing!


So - started off with the head and hair first. The purpose of this is to uhm.. well you always want to tackle the difficult parts first and the most detailed, so I went for the head. From the head you can direct your art tools wherever you want making the head the center point where everything comes out from.


We'll hopefully get this on AnD and get a video tape of the piece shown from beginning to end. We did manage to video tape it thanks to the boys at Racks.


After tackling the face I went for the more larger shaped objects. At first I was going to just use marker - but realized that paint would give it more texture and style. Most important is to outline and frame the illustration first. Here I am working on the giant tubes attached to her... uhm liver?


Here I am spraying the Q stick. But as you can see I've framed the area in black around the bottom surface of her so that it gives focus on the character and gets rid of some white space. I also added texture by mixing 50% water and 50% black paint and used a spounge brush and slapped some paint on it.  I think that's probably my favorite part of painting.


Here I am adding my name on the Q Stick. By the way, I used masking tape for the stick and cut it into the shape of a Q Stick with a blade - so that when I paint on top of it - it doesn't affect the stick. Masking is really neat sometimes on paintings, if you have straight edged objects where you don't want to get affected by the medium you're using.


AND Voilah!! Here is the final piece. Tons of fun. Oh... I also added Alive Not Dead on the bottom as well. Here's a close up picture of it: By the way -- this is a secret project that I've been developing with some friends here in Hong Kong, so stay tuned -- this character is about to come to life. (Hint - "shoulder").


The brush whipping if you can see above on the bottom right side - has very interesting textures to it. You can definately get some unique looks and different looks every time you do it.


                                                                           Me and RYU


                                     Me and Race - was good seeing you! It's been awhile!! :D


     It was a wonderful night spending time with friends, drinking whine and doing what I love -     being creative.


 After Racks we head out to Cheuy - Wah down the street ( however you spell it) and    Phil dude, I don't know if Raff would enjoy that haha! I love the look on Raff's face here. Well - now it's back to work. We have a full scrīpt pretty much completed and currently working on some conceptual designs for it. Thanks for all those who supported - till next time!

Pat Lee


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Photo 39462
Its amazing babe!!! sorry I didnt make it :( Sundays are hard as its the only day I get to see and spend day with the hubby - I'll make it down to racks and have a look!! xx
almost 16 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
Hey Pat, nice to meet you and chat w/ you. It was amazing to see you work. I was mesmorized the whole time. My friend that I want you to meet has AnD usr name 'gameshowhost', he may be in town end of the summer.
almost 16 years ago
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oh god, it looks worse than i imagined...
almost 16 years ago
Photo 34128
Sorry I missed it. Looks great though.
almost 16 years ago
Photo 23833
that was awesome man, i was there but left a bit early right before you finished it. GREAT JOB!!!
almost 16 years ago
I'm so touched.... dT -Tb You know what's up!
almost 16 years ago
what Etchy said....... d -"- b
almost 16 years ago
Photo 50938
very beautiful drawing! you made that in an hour *is impressed* rock on!
almost 16 years ago
Photo 33405
i wanted to stop by but i couldn't make it out last night cuz i had to stay home and work to meet a deadline! =( looks great!
almost 16 years ago
Marschan 6b marschan
Cool Live... and i see myself in your photo
almost 16 years ago
Admin bear cimg7673
This is me saying that I'm seeing double... it's two Pat Lees
almost 16 years ago
Admin bear cimg7673
I'm just trying to show off my nice tan from the boat trip the day before. Congrats again on an awesome piece!
almost 16 years ago
that's the best b-day present ever!
almost 16 years ago
once again, amazing seeing you work!! BTW, the wall at my house awaits! : )
almost 16 years ago
Photo 64681
me only half body in a photo hahaha
almost 16 years ago
Paulinec 1a img 1269
hmmmmm you just keep getting faster and faster!!! cool work...one day gonna check it live...!
almost 16 years ago


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